The CIA has overstepped tn bounds and needs to be brought back under control.

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Deep state being protected by globalist politicians

Jon Bowne | – MARCH 17, 2017

It didn’t take long for the deep state to put its full weight into the counteroffensive needed to offset the damage to public trust after Wikileaks exposed catastrophic levels of the CIA’s cyber warfare arsenal.

Obama And Soros Are Launching A Violent Revolution In America

Katie Secouler

Get rid of CIA, NSA, FBI, and all these crooked people….we lose our freedoms…privacy, speech and the right to bear arms….9/11 was an inside job
K Owens
What concerns me is the fact they care about leaking truths more than they care about the criminal activities that led to someone leaking the truths. No criminal activity=no leaks. Don’t they get it?
I’m not sure true change will ever happen.  It honestly feels like we’re too far gone and…

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