Macron to Reduce French Parliament by One-Third

The new French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed reducing the size of the French parliament by one third. He is intent upon surrendering the sovereignty of France to Brussels and when the full scope of his “profound changes” are understood by the people, his agenda may result in a dramatic rise in civil unrest in France. At least 35% of the population wanted to leave the EU, not surrender entirely to it. The way to deal with opposition is to deny them a voice. Macron said:

“Until now, we were on the wrong track – we preferred rules to initiative,” Macron, who has a massive mandate in both presidential and parliamentary elections, told deputies during a 90-minute speech. “We cannot have before us five years of half-measures. It’s a profound transformation that the French demand. Let’s embrace it.” 

“I am convinced that this measure will have positive consequences for the quality of parliamentary work. This reform is essential.

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