Secretary Alfred E Newman Outlines Federal Response to Gas Crisis – “We Understand The Concerns” About The Concerns That Need to Be Understood

posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 12, 2021 | Sundance | 182 Comments

Transportation Secretary Alfred E Newman took center stage today to outline the White House response to the gas crisis as people up and down the East coast are unable to find fuel.  We are so screwed with these professional political idiots, who have never held a real private sector job, in charge of U.S. policy.

Secretary Newman is skilled in the use of parseltongue: ‘We understand the concerns that need to be understood in order to evaluate the concerns that have been expressed.  Our understanding has led to a larger discussion about the concerns and we understand the need to coordinate with our partner agencies toward the common goal of understanding.  Now that we have the analysis to understand the greater concern, we are evaluating the fastest way to express the understanding of the analysis to a more broad network of partners.  As soon as that network understanding is in place, then we will have a better understanding for the American people about their concern‘.. or something.   Yes, these are the words of wisdom from the Secretary of Transportation.

Think I’m kidding… Well, you try:

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