The Melbourne Tinderbox and Why Americans Should Pay Attention

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 21, 2021 | Sundance | 466 Comments

An inflection point has been reached in Australia with the government COVID-19 lockdowns, forced vaccinations and now, vaccine passports. What is happening today in the state of Victoria, specifically the Melbourne metropolitan area, is an outcome of more than a year of heavy-handed government rules and regulations deaf to the voices of the average man, woman or family. There is a middle class & blue-collar backlash taking place, and Americans would be wise to pay attention.

Things recently came to a head when the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, began outlining the rules and regulations for opening society back up after almost a year of total lockdown. The always futile attempt to block the COVID-19 virus through a policy known as “COVID-ZERO” was abandoned. The new approach is to open up society and the economy by forcing everyone to take the vaccine, and then allowing only the vaccinated to participate in the economy as varying percentages of the population are double-vaxxed, and admittedly, later, booster-vaxxed.

Vaccination passports will be required to work, shop, attend events and essentially live in the New World Order Premier Andrews has created for the citizens of Victoria. The day after Andrews outlined the new rules – the working class, who have been locked down and compliant to this point, finally had enough.

♦ On Monday 9/20 [AU time] a large group of members of the biggest trade union in Australia, the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), went to CFMEU headquarters to confront their leadership, CFMEU Secretary John Setka.

Their demand was essentially simple – to have their voices heard and use the power of the trade union to stop the Victorian government overreach. The union members wanted their leadership to block the new vaccine mandate and stop the creation of a two-tiered society as outlined by Premier Dan Andrews.

However, regional union secretary John Setka turned a deaf ear to the concerns of his members and would not listen. Angry at his members Setka asked, “What do you want me to do, shut it down?“, meaning use the power of the union -strike if necessary- to push back against the government.  The members said “yes”, exactly that. However, union boss Setka was unwilling as it appears he’s in alignment with the objectives of the Premier.

This is a familiar scenario to many, particularly in the United States. Union leadership in bed with government and disconnected from the underlying union workers. This frustrating situation led to a very physical confrontation at the CFMEU union headquarters.  Quickly, Steka surrounded himself with thugs and bodyguards while turning against hundreds of his own members. The police then arrived and used rubber bullets, tear gas, and riot units to dispel the crowd.

In response to the defiant nature of the CFMEU trade union, Premier Dan Andrews announced he was shutting down the construction industry as punishment for their non-compliance. Simultaneously, union boss Setka then went on media to attack his own members calling them fascists, Nazis and worse. This only made the issues more explosive.

The media reporting of the events of the past 48 hours has been brutally biased in favor of the Victorian Government and union boss Setka. The union members were described as a violent and angry mob putting the health and safety of the entire state at risk.

Again, this biased perspective, approved by the government, only makes the issues worse. The common man and woman have no voice, and they are being told by government, media and now union leadership to just “shut up and take the jab.” Many Americans can relate to this frustrating dynamic.

♦ On Tuesday 9/21 [AU time], the trade union members took to the streets in even larger numbers, now joined by blue-collar workers of all stripes who identify with the cause. Even workers who did not previously like the union members or their prior political tactics are joined in common cause over the issue of COVID-19.

The protesting ranks swelled. Tens-of-thousands of non-union workers joined with the trade union protesters in solidarity. Notice this is an interesting repeat of history when you consider Poland in the 1980s and the working class alignment to push back against the totalitarian regime of the former Soviet Union.

Once again the Australian media, government and defiant union leadership refuse to listen to the now tens-of-thousands marching in the streets of Melbourne. The situation is a powder-keg of frustration and anger, and the manipulative media spin about the motives of what is taking place is only making things much worse.

The people of Victoria are being divided by government, media and now the corrupt union leadership. However, the working class is resolute in their demand for freedom, free choice, an end to the lockdown, and the refusal to accept forced vaccinations.

There are some in Australia predisposed to just trying to avoid conflict and simply take the vaccination. However, there are others just as determined not to be forced to accept an unproven medical treatment with undetermined future consequences.  As a result, the vaxxed Victorians are being leveraged against the un-vaxxed Victorians by a massive psychological operation driven by government and manipulative media. The ‘system’ per se’ is attempting to crush the voices of those who will not give up their freedom.

The government of Victoria, much like the government leadership in the rest of Australia, are taking a zero-sum approach and using the full weight of their power -often unconstitutionally authorized- under the guise of a public health emergency.

While the United States has not yet arrived at the same level of outrage, in part driven by a distinctly different constitution that outlines the inherent rights of Americans, it is very clear that we too will soon arrive at this point now visible on the streets in Melbourne.

Do not be naive to the fact that U.S. and Canadian government officials; those in direct ideological alignment with the leftist perspectives of government in Australia; are not paying close attention to what is happening there in preparation for when both the U.S. and Canada move to block the unvaccinated from participating in society.

The vaccination passport methods, processes and procedures being tested right now in Australia are soon to arrive in the United States. Electronic check-ins and QR codes deployed to track the movements of vaxxed and unvaxxed are being tested right now in almost all states in Australia. We The People in America are only a few weeks or months away from having to make the same decisions that middle-class Victorian workers are faced with right now. This is why you should pay attention to what is happening there.

The population of Australia (26 million) is small by comparison to the U.S. (350+ million), and as a result, the dynamic will be exponentially more explosive when it arrives here.

Socially, Americans are more geographically spread out than Australia, as most of their major population centers circle the coastline. Factually, the population of Florida or Texas is essentially equivalent to the entire population of Australia. The economy of the U.S. is also substantially larger and more diverse than down-under. However, those points only emphasize how significantly more explosive the same scenarios may become when the Biden regime attempts to follow the oppressive process now being witnessed in the Melbourne region.

Do not anticipate any support from CONservative Republican politicians.  As we have witnessed in the past two decades, there is only one overarching ideology in the Washington DC UniParty.  They too are more than comfortable with a class society where the elites are disconnected from the laws, rules and regulations they force upon the underclass.

The rust-belt of America was created by both Democrat and Republican administrations.  The globalist worldview favorable to the multinational corporations and Wall Street run through both political parties in the United States.

As a result of this UniParty process, we have witnessed massive institutional manipulation.  In many ways we are already a divided nation dealing with two sets of justice as determined by your position in society.  Two sets of rules.  Two sets of standards. Two different classes for who must wear masks and when.

This corrupt and manipulated system is what generates the flames…. that heats the slow-boiling pot… we are trapped in.   Our efforts to fight or push back have been met with even more oppressive approaches by government, media and Big Tech.   Yes, the tinderbox in Melbourne Australia is very much in our future….  Take heed.

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