Wakey, Wakey – U.K. Votes to “Change Politics For Good”…

The British voted yesterday for members to the European Parliament.  The official announcement of results will not come out until Sunday because the EU vote window is 5/23 through 5/26 (and heaven-forbid the pesky Brits would influence the continent).

That said, initial media “surveys” and “exit polling” reflect the Brexit Party crushed traditional party-lines and gained around one-third of total vote support.

A Survation poll for the Daily Mail shows Mr Farage’s Brexit Party well ahead in the European elections on 31 per cent, trailed by Labour on 23, the Conservatives on 14 and the Lib Dems on 12 (link)

For a political movement only six weeks old; and a likelihood the surveys and exit polls are sandbagged; the results by Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party are remarkable.

The results are so good it is also likely Prime Minister Theresa May will announce her decision to resign her post; with a request for delayed exit (irony) so she doesn’t suffer the embarrassment of a President Trump state visit simultaneous to her being voted out of office (irony x 2).

The odds-on favorite to become Prime Minister is Boris Johnson.

(Via Daily Mail) […] Theresa May will today clear the way for Britain to have a new prime minister by the summer.

Allies said that – barring a last-minute change of heart – she will announce plans this morning to step aside as Conservative Party leader next month.

Mrs May will begin the day with a meeting with the Tories’ backbench shop steward Sir Graham Brady to discuss the exact timetable for her departure.

She is then expected to address the nation from Downing Street to explain why she is leaving ‘the job I love’ before she has realised her ambition of leading Britain out of the European Union.

Mrs May is expected to try to delay the start of the Tory leadership race until the week beginning June 10, to allow her to host Donald Trump’s state visit without the indignity of her MPs voting on her successor at the same time. (read more)

Funny, how that happens….

“See you soon”…

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