Papers Please, Today French Police Begin Demanding COVID Vaccination ID For Citizens Outside

Posted Originally on the conservative tree house on August 9, 2021 | Sundance | 204 Comments

Today was the deadline for citizens of France to carry their vaccination ID if they want to participate in society.   Citizens of France are required to carry their identification if they want to eat a restaurants, go to shopping malls or attend venues where crowds would gather.  [MSM CITATION HERE] Videos of the French police conducting random checks and checkpoints are surfacing.  WATCH:

As we noted last month when this was announced, France is the beta-test.  The U.S. State Department and French government have a long history of cooperation and testing for political and social change.

This will be coming soon to New York City (previously announced), and from there to towns and local communities across the United States.


JULY 13, 2021 – “I have no doubt, none whatsoever, that French officials and U.S. officials are closely discussing this approach in closed-door meetings.  France is being used as a test ground in a similar way the Rivkin Project was deployed.

Despite the wide social differences, at their core French nationalists are close in ideological alignment to Americans.  France is one of the few states left in Western Europe with the remnant of a national consciousness.” (link)

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