How to Teach Your Kids About Taxes

Armstrong Economics Blog/The Hunt for Taxes Re-Posted Feb 28, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty, you are 100% spot on about governments only ever being capable of lying and mismanaging money and raising taxes.
The Australian Labor party that ran on a mandate to not change superannuation are now proposing to change superannuation.
Their plan is the abolish tax benefits for accounts with balances above $3M, using the usual argument of targeting only the rich.
That is always the selling pitch isn’t it? Only the rich and of course the majority take the bait.
I have desperately tried to inform people that it is NEVER just the rich that re impacted. I have can not for the. life of me get people to understand that the so called rich, will be required to sell assets to meet tax commitments and have less money to buy assets into the future, and that, that in turn will impact asset prices and thus affect everyone. Rich and poor.
And then there is the obvious. Thresholds never remain where they begin and are always lowered.
Government is on the hunt for money in every country.


REPLY: That is the problem. Most people do not want to believe that the government only looks out for its own power. It is so critical to prohibit career politicians no matter which direction they lean. For in the end, they will always lean in their own favor.

Perhaps you might remind them of the “Luxury Tax” that the sales pitch was they were going to tax their Ferarries, Fur Coats, & their French Wines. I was there in Australia back then. Maybe I saw two Ferraries because they were already 100% taxed to import. Some perhaps wore a fur coat down in Melbin, and nobody ever served me French wine – its was always Australian. People cheered then too – get those evil rich people. Then they woke up and ALL electrical products were suddenly a luxury.

The bulk of all taxes is always from the common people simply because we outnumber the billionaires. There are less than 500 such people in the USA. Confiscate all their wealth and you will not balance the budget even for one year.

Ship of Fools

Armstrong Economics Blog/Cryptocurrency Re-Posted Feb 28, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you think that this entire scam with cryptocurrencies that the government will be able to track, do they realize that in war you take down the power grid and all digital currency fails? If the backup system is destroyed, all your digital currency will vanish. Are they this stupid? Is this why they have shills saying you are wrong?


ANSWER: Yes. I have spoken to people involved in creating this insanity. First, they do not think there will ever be a nuclear war. Second, they really do think that they will create regime change in Russia at the expense of probably every Ukrainian alive today who are fools being led to the slaughter. When I have brought up the subject – WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG! They dismiss it and do not even entertain plan B. The whole digital currency is all about tracking every dime. I have said many times, this is all about the new world order which is Schwab’s Great Rest and he knows that is our 2032 forecast. They all believe that forecast and are preparing to redesign the world this time to achieve their totalitarian dreams.

When I asked – Did you authorize Bitcoin? They just do not reply. Silence is golden. The launch of Bitcoin was just too damn convenient. That was standard operational political tactics – you float a balloon and see how the people accept it.

If you have ever been to Nuremberg, Germany, they have a bronze statue there – the Ship of Fools. The sculpture named Ship of Fools by Jurgen Weber is based on the satirical allegory by Sebastian Brant. This is now a reality.

Is Digital Currency Safe?

Armstrong economics Blog/Cryptocurrency Re-Posted Feb 3, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

It turns out that North Korea-backed hackers stole a record $1.7bn of cryptocurrency in 2022, according to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. It also appears that they had a hand in the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX where the auditors have reported that around $415m of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers.  This is becoming a very interesting story with several facets from funding North Korea to laundering money for Zelensky to pay off the Democrats for the Midterm elections.

There is no way they will let this case go to trial. They will have to cut a deal or they are going to need to have some pumped-up loser kill him when on bail, or Judge Lewis Kaplan will have to revoke his bail and put him in MCC where they can kill him easily and blame another inmate and the guards fell asleep once again and, of course, the camera didn’t work.

At the end of the day, North Korea has been making a lot of money hacking into cryptocurrencies. Your crypto is going to a good cause – World War III to achieve Bill Gate’s dream – population reduction since the vaccines did not kill enough people off – yet.

The Madoff Cover-Up

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Jan 18, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

For those who just read the news and believe whatever they report, in the industry, everyone talks all the time. If Madoff was losing billions trading, everyone would have known. It is one thing to have a portfolio of assets that itself collapses in value which would NOT involve trading, then that presents a more private issue but everyone would suspect something for the news would be circulating around as to what he bought. There is just no way money vanishes. The likely prospect is that Bernie was aware of the dark side of Wall Street and perhaps facilitated that for a price.

Bernie’s case began on December 10th, 2008. Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns both collapsed and the Fed took over Fannie & Freddie. The collapse of Lehman shocked the world and that unleashed real panic. That above all took down Madoff, but then came the bailout of AIG which was really to save Goldman Sachs. No doubt, Bernie was hit with withdrawals and on whatever investment he did have in place, he would have lost a fortune without a Ponzi scheme. With the practice of laundering money going on in NYC, no doubt the counterparty risks collapsed. That most likely pushed Bernie over the edge.

Understand one thing. Madoff did not collapse in isolation. His losses were curiously suddenly attributed to a Ponzi scheme. That was very convenient. Calling something a Ponzi scheme as a matter of law meant that EVERY transaction was a fraud. Therefore, that cuts off all investigations to understand what really happened. It is no longer needed because everything and every transaction need not be investigated because it was all Bernie as a fraud.

As long as they called it a “Ponzi Scheme” there was no investigation into money laundering.

The Majority MUST Always be Wrong

Armstrong Economics Blog/Training Tools Re-Posted Jan 17, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Following the crowd of what is popular and supposed to be the cutting edge of investment, Robert Belfer, the oil Barron, lost billions with ENRON and then Bernie Madoff. Then he became a shareholder in FTX. With a track record like that, you certainly would be firing your financial adviser.  The inside joke about DAVOS is that whatever the theme forecast they put out and what they all talk about has NEVER been right. The joke is to do the opposite of the DAVOS forecast and you will make money. Andy Serwer, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Finance, asked Warren Buffett in a 2019 interview about the DAVOS forecasts. He responded: “Well, I pay none as a guideline to doing anything,” Buffett responded. I have said many times, the majority MUST be wrong for they provide the market energy to create the boom/bust cycle. Because the majority buy the high, when they sell, you get the crash. When everyone is short at the bottom, you get the rally.