Clinton Email Scandal – Cheryl Mills Deposition – Clinton Email Was Not Subject to FOIA Inquiry (Full pdf Transcript)…

It makes perfect sense that what Hillary did was to avoid at all costs anything that could be used against her in the future since what she was doing was selling the country to the highest bidder. How else do the Clinton foundation get all that money; Hillary can’t deliver a good speech so it wasn’t that anyone really wanted to hear her talk.


Worse than this is common core that tracks everything you kids do from k though 12; this was the only reason this problem was started by Bill Gates.

Measles outbreak traced back to inmate at Arizona immigrant detention facility as confirmed cases continue to grow

If anyone thinks that this wasn’t going to happen they are a fool. The globalists wanted this — why do you think we had Ellis Island back in the day.

SiriusXM Announces Suspension of Glenn Beck over Brad Thor Interview Comments

Beck has lost it, he wasn’t like this when he got started I even went to one of his first rally’s, the one in DC in August 2010.

Rasmussen Poll: 71% of Democrats Say Clinton Should Run Even if Under Felony Indictment…

Wow and so if they voted her into office and she was convicted she could run the county from her jail cell — now that would be a first!

Stunning Hidden Agendas Exposed – Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton…

As WE all know the system is rigged by those with big money and with big money almost anything can be done.

Lewis Luken’s Deposition and the Mysterious 2012 State Dept Fire…

Bill and Hillary Clinton are plagued by a very long series of untimely and unfortunate events that just seem to happen to them and also to many of those that are associated with them. Things like missing documents and fires and the death of associates and other records that they claim would clear them of the false charges made against them, if only they could only be found.

The Numbers

Reversals Timing

QUESTION: Marty; your numbers are just incredible. Your number 17800 I thought would be elected. The Dow was above it and looked like it was preparing to take off. To watch this market fall back yet close just below it is amazing. Regardless of the market, it will always gravitate toward your numbers like magnets or some compelling invisible force. Since we avoided the buy signal in the Dow for the month, what now?

ANSWER: I understand that many people hate my guts because the numbers are the numbers. I have even had to endure allegations of manipulating the world economy because of the accuracy of these Reversal numbers. These same people refuse to accept the possibility that markets are just not random and are extremely precise in their movement. That means they cannot be manipulated long-term changing their trend nor can government proclaim vote for so-and-so and he will change everything. That is what we are really talking about here. It is much deeper than simply failed to close above 17800 in the Dow. The implications are highly profound. This is why Brussels will collapse as well and why Western Civilization will lose the crown of the Financial Capital of the world. The more they fight the trend, the bigger the fall. Japan promised to support the NIKKEI when it began to crash. People held looking to government to save them. We ended up having to bailout almost 300 major companies in Japan because of their wrongly placed faith in government as so many do today. Nothing can be manipulated to save society or to compel its destruction. That is what our Reversal System has proven for decades.

The next big turning point in the Dow will be September. We will put out a special report because this is becoming very interesting and extremely important.

Bankers Forced out of Metals?


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have been trapped by these gold promoters and they indeed are like used car salesmen, worse since they are not regulated. I listened how they were wrong because the bankers were suppressing gold. If the bankers were eliminated, gold would soar to anything like $25,000 to $100,000. Well, the bankers have all been skewered. Here in Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia is one of the five banks accused in manipulating metals. One would think if the bankers were really preventing the metals from rallying, then why are they collapsing? I suspect you are the only person telling the truth here. Can you explain the real story?

Thank you


ANSWER: Bankers have always fun-run their clients. It is way too tempting to do so when you make the market and you can see the client positions. The big traders are starting to wise up. They are a bit slow. You have to excuse them. Perhaps they were in the special-ed classes growing up. They trusted the big names and are starting to experience being screwed big time. The total gold bullion trade has averaged 4,000 tons annually for the past 10 years. One metric ton equals 32,150.7466 troy ounces. So we are talking about 128,600,000 ounces per year. The US Mint sells about 425,000 one ounce coins. This tend to put the bullion coins in perspective.

About two-thirds is new mine production and one-third is recycled gold according to the World Gold Council. Jewelry accounts for about 50% of gold sales. About 9% of gold production is used in technology. Central Bank demand has fluctuated from 2% to 14% annually of total production. Including ETFs, investment demand accounts for about 33% of world production. This means you have a fresh supply every year of 128,600,000 ounces coming to the market. This is not all “investment”. If the retail trade in the economy slows, jewelry sales decline. That is the bulk of gold but the promoters want to make you think gold is suppressed solely by the bankers for nefarious reasons. There are other factors taking place. This is not all “investment” consumption.
93SilverBuffett-WThis type of “manipulation” pushing the fix one way or the other to elect stops has been like growing money on trees. This BY NO MEANS suppresses gold or any currency, no less any other commodity that they have played games with. All the big manipulations have ALWAYS been to the UPSIDE, not to the downside. It is absurd to pretend that gold is suppressed perpetually so they can make money in some strange way. Both of the Buffet entries into silver were to push it up. Even GATA knew that was the game in silver back then. Did they tell everyone it was PhiBro & Buffet? Why not?

SilverManipulationThe bankers get it going from $3 to $7 and and then the promoters talk it up and the retail come in to buy the high every time and they turn around and sell it to them. That is how they make real money. Suppressing gold to keep in down with no volume means no profit. Even the manipulation of Platinum was the the UPSIDE.

Now that the bankers are being forced out of the game, gold was actually being supported by them. They were keeping the hope of a rally alive. Without the bankers, the support will be less and we can see gold fall out of bed. It has fallen to $1201 by 5PM on May 30th. The next support does not come into play until 1170.

Every market has its time and place. The promoters hate my guts because they always want to make a profit getting people to buy. They could care less about the advice they are giving. The market is always right. People are wrong. We can define the levels and the time. Just let the market do its thing.

Let the Voter Fraud Begin in BREXIT – Ready, Set Rig It!


British voters in the EU referendum  are shown how to vote to reject BREXIT and stay in the EU by the government. The Telegraph has at least shown that the Postal Voting system provides the example showing REMAIN in the EU. That is of course the first box to check. The government will count on these mail-ins as they did in Austria to ensure they can rig the vote claiming they have the balance in these types of votes just in case they lose at the polls.

The problem that will erupt is if they rig the vote to remain in the EU and try to shut down the people, what will they do when the people find out they have been completely screwed by Brussels? Will this set the stage for serious civil unrest in Britain?


Treaty of the Union

This is an extremely dangerous game Cameron is playing. It just so happens that the United Kingdom was born under Queen Ann on May 1, 1707, which was 1707.331. If the BREXIT vote is rejected, civil unrest will start in Britain 309.6 years from that date, which will be 2016.931 or December 5th/6th, 2016. The year 2016 has popped up on numerous models which we will cover in the BREXIT Report due this week.