When Will People Learn Career Politicians Are Anti-Democracy

It is amazing that people keep voting for career politicians every time and then are dissatisfied every time. Now Reuters is reporting that most French voters are now dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron’s performance. The latest poll shows a sharp decline for Macron who won a landslide. The poll revealed that Macron’s “dissatisfaction rating” has risen to 57%, from 43% in July.

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  1. I find all this sooo funny.
    They rejected Marine Le Pen with her view on leaving the EU and restoring industry and the vulture of and pride in France including ditching the Euro and returning to the Franc.

    Instead they got a school boy with all the right connections and a fixation for older women. ‘Merkel’s new toy boy’ as one media outlet commented. Some surmise that it was old school politics that got him elected. They are probably right BUT I think even they are cringing at his antics.

    Is France lost? Of course, just like the UK.
    Run by the same old, tired, non evolving systems of governments. All churning our short sighted politics and policies. Their leadership knowing their tenuous hold on power will end come the next elections, and contrary to the real people’s vision of good leadership.

    Time for a revolution?
    Marine LePen and Nigel Farage of the UK promised that but the sheeple (as always) let themselves and others down.


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