Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Launch Attack Against British Royal Family

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 8, 2021 | Sundance | 426 Comments

Rich entitled multi-millionaires launch an attack against rich entitled multi-billionaires while resting comfortably in a residence paid for by the benefactors they attack.

If I searched for 24 hours I doubt I could find a f**k for me to give them.  However, that said, these elitist pontificating silver-spoon weirdos must have an agenda to position themselves as a victim for some reason.  Most likely they are seeking relevance, personally and financially, by requesting sympathies from the ever-sensitive U.S. ‘fee-fee’ tribe.

Prince Harry literally does this while his grandfather Prince Phillip is on his death-bed.  What a self-indulgent @ss.

Oh, and President Trump was obviously correct…..

(VIA AP) – The implications for the interview — which was broadcast Sunday evening in the United States and will air in Britain on Monday night — are only beginning to be understood. Emily Nash, royal editor at Hello! Magazine, said the revelations had left her and many other viewers “shell-shocked.”

“I don’t see how the palace can ignore these allegations, they’re incredibly serious,” she said. “You have the racism allegations. Then you also have the claim that Meghan was not supported, and she sought help even from the HR team within the household and was told that she couldn’t seek help.”

The younger royals have made campaigning for support and awareness around mental health one of their priorities. But Harry said the royal family was completely unable to offer that support to its own members.

[…] The couple had faced severe criticism in the United Kingdom before the interview. Prince Philip, 99, is in a London hospital recovering from a heart procedure, and critics saw the decision to go forward as being a burden on the queen — even though CBS, rather than Harry and Meghan, dictated the timing of the broadcast. (read more)

Cue the Prescient Trump soundbite…

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