For Six Months Biden Has Shut Down U.S. Oil Production, Today Biden Asks OPEC to Pump More Oil

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 11, 2021 | Sundance | 163 Comments

There’s hypocrisy, there’s double speak, there’s stupid decisions based on politics…. and then there’s this level of Biden hypocrisy and stupidity that cannot be adequately encapsulated.   President Trump’s energy production policy made the U.S.A. energy independent.  We were actually exporting oil and gas to other nations.

However, in the previous six months Joe Biden has:  (1) Shut down oil and energy development in ANWAR {LINK} which would increase use of the Alaska pipeline. (2) Blocked the Keystone Pipeline from completion {LINK} (3) Banned energy development on federal lands {LINK}. (4) Shut down the sale of energy leases in the Gulf of Mexico {LINK}. and (5) Blocked energy development in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alabama {LINK}  … As a direct and immediate consequence, gas and fuel prices have skyrocketed.  The price of Unleaded Regular Gasoline is now up over 60% from 2020.  Now THIS:

The price of gasoline is directly attributable to Joe Biden policy in his war against oil.  However, now that Americans are being crushed with massive prices for gasoline; and Biden is getting massive heat for his ridiculous position; this insufferable administration has the absolute nerve to ask Russia and mid-east oil producers, OPEC, to increase their production. {LINK}  You cannot make this up…

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