Democrats Violating Everyone’s Privacy

Armstrong Economics Blog/The Hunt for TaxesRe-Posted Sep 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The Democrats want the banks to turn over ALL information on everyone to the IRS. You no longer need to have an audit. They are simply adopting the idea of guilty until proven innocent when it comes to money they want to get their hands on. This is stage one, and as they move to replace paper money and cryptocurrency with their own version, NOTHING you do will ever be private. The only way to pay the 13-year-old girl next door for babysitting will be by barter.

The Bank of England tells Parliament they need to intervene on digital currency “programming” — “Digital cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials or goods which an employer or Government deems to be sensible.” This is a completely totalitarian state — not one of freedom and human rights.  The Federal Reserve has been moving for instant payments in order to eliminate paper money. The Federal Reserve has been secretly trying to accommodate Big Tech to directly deposit with the Fed and bypass banks. “The proposed guidelines are in part a reflection of the ongoing efforts by Big Tech and FinTech firms to engage in banking activities without being subject to bank regulation and supervision.”(see the report of Bank Policy Institute).

The end game here is simple:

You will not be allowed to BUY or SELL anything without government approval!

In the USA, they are doing this in a very sneaky way and are trying to slip this one in along with social distancing and masks. They are clearly trying to push our society into an authoritarian state. The economic system is collapsing because they have borrowed since World War II and have never intended to pay anything back. Now with interest rates at a 5,000-year low, the system of borrowing endlessly year after year has failed. They can no longer fund their expenditures, so they have used COVID to scare the hell out of people in order to bring about this Great Reset. There will NEVER be a return to normal; even John Kerry told you that from the outset. He claimed that the old system was broken, so we cannot return to a system that no longer works. He just used climate change as that excuse

Little by little, step by step, they are taking us down this road of a new hybrid form of communism. They preach equality, but that does not include the elite. That is the world they are constructing for us to become mindless drones who are happy to have nothing or human motivation as in “The Matrix.”

Fauci is not even a real doctor. He went directly into government when he graduated, probably because he could not deal with patients. Yet, here he is telling you “equality” is the #1 solution to support this Great Reset.

This is a hybrid communistic system where the elite will control what we are allowed to buy and sell. They think communism failed ONLY because they had China and Russia but not the rest of the world. They think if they conquer the entire world, it will work this time, and they will be at the top. That only goes to show that they have disagreed with Ann Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” or never read it, and they believe we are the Great Unwashed here only for their pleasure. Since all of these movers and shakers are in their 80s+, including Fauci,  perhaps their Fourth Industrial Revolution with transhumanism is their personal answer to living forever, fearing death themselves. They are pushing this agenda perhaps out of personal fear of death.

Is Australia’s Health Minister Dr. Chant being Bribed or just Stupid?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Australia & Oceania RE-Posted Sep 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant seems to have forgotten everything about medicine and really should be investigated but with a corrupt government, nobody investigates themselves. Chant is telling Australians they will have to wear masks forever and has now even said that Australians will never be allowed to return to normal because they will constantly need booster shots forever. All the studies have shown that masks are “useless” so are these people just being bribed by the elites to destroy society?  The MAJORITY of people in the hospitals now with COVID are vaccinated. The risk of these vaccines is that they may interfere with our natural immune system. Israel has already confirmed that natural immunity is 13 x better than these vaccines.

Unions in Australia are also suspect. As a reader points out:

“Trade Unions are finished in Australia for selling out their members to The Great Reset globalist agenda/takeover.
I am a life member of the NSW Fire Brigades Union and I have family in the construction union CFMEU and they have in indeed as this man says done NOTHING to push back against mandatory vaccinations.”

Something just does not smell right here.

Australian Truckers Beat Govt – We Can Too

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Sep 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The Australian government is claiming that truckers pose a danger for they were spreading the virus around the country. They ordered the truckers to be vaccinated or lose their job. They refused to show up to work and others blocked the roads. The Western culture of freedom is falling into the final bastion of the once free world spiraling down into a new sort of Dark Age. The politicians are promised by the elite that they will be the cream of the crop and always rise above the Great Unwashed. The elite above them thinks that they can simply bribe their way through anything and like a queen bee transform us into worker bees to support their hive of power.

But the power always rests with the Great Unwashed for throughout history the elite end up with their heads paraded among the streets on spikes. The real power to change the world always resides in our hands. For if we simply refuse to work, we shut down their hive. What if everyone stood up and refused to pay taxes or their mortgages? Sure, they can prosecute a small group. But they cannot prosecute everyone.

What the truckers have shown to the world is that even the political elite will starve without food transportation. Hence, the power resides ALWAYS with the Great Unwashed. These people ALWAYS think they are the NATION and become drunk on their own power, ignoring that they are NOTHING without WE THE PEOPLE.

Australia COVID Concentration Camps Destined to Break Up Australia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Australia & Oceania Re-Posted Sep 8, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

In Australia, the government and the police have simply gone insane. They have created mandatory quarantine confinement, much like isolated confinement in a prison where suicide is always very high. Many people simply cannot psychologically handle being confined in isolation. In Australia, they are putting people’s lives at risk. Here is a man going crazy after two weeks of isolation and nine tests that were all NEGATIVE for COVID. This is what people are starting to call COVID concentration camps. The police will also beat people and threaten to gas them. The treatment in prison is not this bad, for they have doctors to monitor the psychological impact on people in isolation, which is totally absent in this environment that qualifies for the international definition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Meanwhile, some people have been denied to visit their parent who was on their deathbed because of the lockdowns. The psychological damage they are causing to people in Australia is unbefitting any free society. Australia and Canada never revolted against Britain. Australia was predominantly a penal colony from 1788-1850. Australia became independent only on March 3, 1986. The likelihood of Australia remaining intact as a nation is unlikely post-2032. This is part of the problem, for even Britain was never this oppressive, and as such, Australia never moved to revolution. They seem to be heading in that direction thanks to COVID concentration camps and selling out of Australia to the international interests pulling the strings.

Comments from Canada

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong I just want to comment on the letter that one of your readers wrote about Erin O’Toole he could not have been more accurate everything he wrote was from the first to the last sentence spot on!👍
Unfortunately, I have the feeling Canada is doom the damage has been done, for many years now I have noticed the socioeconomic changes in the country Maxime Bernier could be a capable guy to lead the country but the media has done a good job in portraying him as a Zealot racist who doe not like immigrants and people at least here in Toronto who keep taking the BLUE PILLS given to them by Trudeau and his cronies would hesitate to even think about giving a vote for Bernier.
I really wonder if there is still a place in this vast world where life can really return to normal where one can just be?
Take care!

REPLY: I will run our models on Canada to take a closer look. I agree, our computer has never been wrong and I think we can see how the West is unraveling before our eyes. What comes after 2032 will be a whole new world order, but it is by no means going to be what Trudeau, Schwab, Gates, and Soros plan. I do hope they are successful in creating their objective of transhumanism so they can live forever. That would certainly give new meaning to life in prison when this is all said and done

Canada They Bought the Opposition O’Toole & Trudeau

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Erin O’Toole

COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong. Hope you are well Sir.
My name is [R]. I wrote you a few years ago. Writing you from Canada.
Just a note on our election here.
Erin O’Toole leader of the Progressive Conservative party, is just like Trudeau without the hair and charisma. Same policies. Loves the UN, radical environmentalism and mass immigration. He may be prone to less gaffes, but he is just as bought by the globalists, billionaires and the UN as Trudeau is.
The Canadian electorate is not an informed or critically thinking electorate. A good chunk of the population still believes the mainstream media narrative. If they real thinkers, leftist parties would never win a seat. Replacing Trudeau with O’Toole makes no difference. One would stab you in the back and lie he said he did not. The other would stab you in the back and claim the other guy did it.
O’Toole’s campaign manager is Walied Soliman former UN “citizen” of the year who has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
O’Toole got rid of every real conservative since becoming leader and whipped his caucus to accept everything he stands for or leave the party. He has been silent on numerous injustices here including the burning down of almost 60 churches here nationwide. He rid his party of actual “conservatives”. There are only progressives left and those who love their pensions. O’Toole agrees with Trudeau more than he disagrees and he is supposed to be the Opposition.
It is really the uni-party here vs. the PPC; all hard left wing authoritarian parties, including one leftist separatist party (the Bloc party in Quebec). All leftist parties would eventually force mandatory vaccinations for all here, as Trudeau has recently said as much.
I am a founding member of the PPC from back in 2018 and I have written the leader Maxime Bernier many times and given him my best ideas. I do not even consider the PPC a “right wing” party. That is what the state media calls it. It is just a party of patriots who love Canada and want to see common sense policies that bring prosperity back to our nation. Canada has essentially been on the decline since the mid 1960’s when the socialists hijacked it for their globalist purposes.
I am not sure if our vote counting system here has been compromised. But I know it is in our corrupt government’s sights. I wrote Elections Canada a couple of times and demanded that this election we need their staff and leaders to be extra diligent. However, I am not at unawares that it is easy to bribe people as a look at last year’s American election sure shows evidence for that.
The PPC was banned from the national debates because Trudeau demanded a rule change and paid off the debate organization with ten million Canadian tax payer dollars. The corporate media either ignores the PPC, misrepresents them or slanders them. And big tech censors members.
Even with all the adversity, the PPC is still growing in popularity.
I understand in part the globalist power structure that wants to keep the Canadian population enslaved. However, having hope, even if it is a fool’s hope is still hope. The good thing about all the adversity is that the population is finally waking up.
Thanks for your time and may the good Lord continue to bless you.
Yours sincerely,

Canada PPC v Trudeau

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Martin,
I am from Canada, and I just read your post on the PPC Party – I badly want to vote PPC in the upcoming election. Their presence is strong here, at least where I live. But this scares me – if enough conservatives vote for PPC then the liberals could end up with a minority government, which would be disastrous for our country. I personally think that Trudeau timed it this way partly because of the hype around vaccine passports right now. The talk of vaccine passports are everywhere in the media, and the think tank behind the liberal government knows how passionate some people will oppose this and vote PPC because if it. They are counting on the conservatives getting less votes because of this… I believe the liberals love how much traction and popularity the PPC party is getting. I think i will vote conservative just to ensure Trudeau does not get back in with a minority. What are your thoughts?

REPLY: It is a very hard position. If Trudeau wins, I really see little hope for Alberta and the only choice will be to separate. Trudeau is so in bed with Schwab I cannot even distinguish between them. The push to destroy freedom in Canada is seen at the WEF as the best way to overthrow the United States. They believe that because Canada and Australia never rebelled against the UK as did the USA, the people will lay down easier and surrender all their rights. The COVID Passport will include everything about you from sexual preference to education. This is part of the authoritarianism our computer has warned is the trend into 2032.

It simply seems to be the only way to resist and to keep Canada together as one nation right now. They all know that they must push this agenda now for their window closes at the end of 2022. They know the majority of people are just followers and will line up to do whatever they say. When I was growing up, there was an old Jewish man there who fled from Germany when it was just starting against the Jews. Basically, others there kept saying it would pass and return to normal. He told them they were stupid. He left, and we know what happened to those who thought there would be a return to normal.

Trudeau’s re-election is not going well. The crowds are aggressive and at times he has been unable to even get out of his bus. Those of us elsewhere are counting on Canadians to do the right thing and throw Trudeau out of his office to save not just Canada, but the world. They are professional liars. They are incapable of ever telling the truth and are only in this for their personal power.

Four Gitmo Detainees Released in Berghdahl Swap are Now Taliban Ministers for Afghan Government – Interim Government Will Be Officially Introduced on Sept 11th

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The official Taliban government of Afghanistan will be celebrated and introduced on September 11, 2021.    Four of the Afghanistan ministers appointed to government are former Gitmo detainees released during the Obama-era swap for captured U.S. service member Bowe Berghdahl, pictured below with new titles:

Afghanistan – […]  “The Islamic Emirate will take serious and effective steps towards protecting human rights, the rights of minorities as well as the rights of the underprivileged groups within the framework of the demands of the sacred religion of Islam,” reads the statement.

The new caretaker cabinet consists of the following people:

• Prime Minister (head of state): Mullah Hassan Akhund

• Deputy: Mullah Baradar

• Deputy: Mawlavi Hannafi

• Acting Minister of Defense: Mullah Yaqoub

• Acting Minister of Interior: Serajuddin Haqqani

• Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi

• Acting Minister of Finance: Mullah Hedayatullah Badri

• Acting Minister of Education: Mawlawi Noorullah Munir

• Acting Minister of Information and Culture: Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah

• Acting Minister of Economy: Qari Din Hanif

• Acting Minister of Hajj: Mawlawi Noor Mohammad Saqib

• Acting Minister of Justice: Abdul Hakim Sharie

• Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs: Mullah Noorullah Noori

• Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development: Mullah Mohammad Younus Akhundzada

• Acting Minister of Public Work: Mullah Abdul Manan Omari

• Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum: Mullah Mohammad Esa Akhund

• Acting Minister of Water and Energy: Mullah Abdul Latif Mansoor

• Acting Minister of Civil Aviation and Transport: Mullah Hamidullah Akhundzada

• Acting Minister of Higher Education: Abdul Baqi Haqqani

• Acting Minister of Telecommunication: Najibullah Haqqani

• Acting Minister of Refugees: Khalilurahman Haqqani

• Acting Director of Intelligence: Abdul Haq Wasiq

• Acting Director of the Central Bank: Haji Mohammad Idris

• Acting Director of the Administrative Office of the President: Ahmad Jan Ahmady

• Acting Minister of Dawat-u-Ershad: Sheikh Mohammad Khalid

• Defense Deputy Minister: Mullah Mohammad Fazil

• Army Chief of Staff: Qari Fasihuddin

• Deputy Foreign Minister: Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai

• Deputy Interior Minister: Mawlawi Noor Jalal

• Deputy Information and Culture Minister: Zabihullah Mujahid

• First Deputy of Intelligence Department: Mullah Tajmir Javad

• Administrative Deputy of Intelligence Department: Mullah Rahmatullah Najeeb

• Deputy Interior Minister for Counter Narcotics: Mullah Abdulhaq Akhund


New South Wales, Australia, Premier Promises Freedom Once 70% Double-Vaxxed Status Achieved – However, Non Vaxxed Will Remain Locked-Down

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New South Wales, Australia – Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that once the state achieves 70% double-vaccinated status, citizens within the region will be given some freedom from the lock-down situation. The details of the freedom will be announced later; however, only vaccinated people will be permitted to participate.

The announcement from NSW followed their release of the latest COVID stats showing eight people had died of “covid-related health issues” in the past 24 hours. Two men in their nineties, two people in their eighties and three people in their seventies, died in hospital. According to the Health Minister, all of them had “pre-existing medical issues and conditions.”

Following the nationwide standard, every citizen will be required to download their proof of vaccine into their personal “QR Code” on their phone. This digital identification will be scanned at the entrances of all businesses, offices, workplaces, and venues that require entry to participate in society. This process is called “check in”, and will be monitored by the national and state governing authority who will enforce protocols for tracking each individual citizen.

This ain’t a gag folks, this is the actual nuts-and-bolts of the new process that is being rolled-out right now throughout Australia. Premier Gladys Berejiklian held a press conference yesterday, where some of larger aspects to the programs were highlighted. If you are not paying attention, you had better perk up and start looking into what they are doing.  Once they implement this, we can expect to see these standards, rules and regulations imported into the U.S. during the Biden administration.   Australia & New Zealand look like the beta-test.

Currently, NSW along with all other states with significant populations are remaining in a fully locked-down status. This includes curfews on any activity outside the home that is approved as “essential’ by the state; a ban on any travel more than 5km from the home of the citizen, and a zero tolerance enforcement policy for infractions.

The announcement by Premier Berejiklian is almost identical to a previous conference from Victoria. In that announcement, Premier Daniel Andrews proclaimed that vaccinated citizens in the state of Victoria will be allowed out of lockdown in the near future. However, freedom as defined by access to medical treatment, the ability to work, shopping, attending events and engagement in the economy writ large, will not be permitted for any non-vaccinated citizen. Anyone who is not vaccinated will remain in locked-down isolation as enforced by the state.

Here is a brief 3.5 minute segment.  WATCH:

Here is the full press conference:

The justification for withholding access to life in Victoria and New South Wales is based on a premise that vaccinated people do not contract COVID, therefore the coronavirus is a “virus of the unvaccinated.” That statement is a completely false position. As seen in the U.S., and all other nations around the world, the vaccinated population contracts COVID in the same way as the non-vaccinated. Some studies have even shown the vaccinated population are susceptible to carrying higher loads of the virus than non-vaccinated individuals.

The vaccine provides zero-benefit from avoidance of the virus. Any claim to the contrary is totally devoid of reality, science or empirical evidence.

In some nations -like Israel- there is more than a 90% vaccinated status, and yet the COVID virus is still infecting, spiking and creating large issues with hospitalization for those at greatest risk. A large percentage of that Israeli population is now triple-vaxxed; and yet, the issues continue. Conversely, in Sweeden and parts of the U.S, the economy and society is largely open, and the variant viruses are running through the vaccinated and non-vaccinated population without a significantly disparate outcome.

Keep in mind, the survival rate from infection is stunningly disconnected from the severity of these mitigation efforts. The overall risks are very small except for those with pre-existing conditions that make them vulnerable to a respiratory virus.

Several weeks ago, I would have dismissed opinion that Australia and New Zealand were some sort of testing ground for the ability of a government to control the activity of the population. However, as I have watched the two nations conduct their COVID mitigation efforts; and contrast their claims against the reality of what is happening on the remaining parts of planet earth; I can no longer dismiss that theory…. in fact, I am becoming increasingly convinced that is exactly what is going on.

There is just no other way to explain the disconnect between: (1) what Australian political officials and state run health offices are saying; (2) the scale and scope of the totalitarian COVID mitigation efforts -writ large- they are executing; and (3) the reality of experiences in the rest of the civilized world.

The Australian government is not in an isolation bubble with the incapacity to see the world around them and communicate with other nations. They know what is happening around the world, and those worldwide events are completely contradictory from the decisions being made by the government officials down under.

What in happening in Australia and New Zealand for COVID mitigation is being done with intent and purpose; yet, it is devoid of sense when contrast against the rest of the world.

Therefore, if we accept these officials are not literally stupid people; and if we accept they possess a reasonable constitution; the only reconciliation of their conduct is that some guiding element is instructing them to conduct their national affairs as if the experiences of the rest of the world are non-existent. That would seem to affirm there is some sort of wide-spread social test happening down-under.

The most bizarre part of accepting the premise that Australia and New Zealand are testing grounds for government control in the 21st century, is then asking yourself how a nation of 25.5 million people cannot see their fishbowl of crazy. Surely they still have access to the world-wide internet, or do they? Are the Aussies and Kiwis able to use social media that connects them to other nations, or are there filters from Big Tech intended to support the government test? Are journalists in Australia not capable of seeing the rest of the world?

I am not asking these questions out of some intent to be provocative or snarky; I genuinely cannot fathom how 25 million people cannot see the disconnect between the rules and regulations put upon them by their government and then contrast those restrictions against the visible outcomes in the rest of the world.

Australia seems to have become this weirdly antonymous state like North Korea.

Here’s the previous press conference from Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria. He is quite passionate about following through with the rules he outlines.

If you have the time to watch this, it is well worth it to gain a perspective on how the government is messaging to society with points about COVID that are completely and utterly false. Perhaps it’s not a lie if they convince themselves to believe it….  I have prompted the video to the Q&A Segment:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Following The Exact COVID Protocol Recommended By U.K. Senior Vaccinologist Sir Andrew Pollard

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 7, 2021 | Sundance | 299 Comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continually under blistering attack from those who exploit the politics of COVID-19 without regard for health or safety.  However, as you will see below in comments delivered today by DeSantis and previous (non-criticized) opinion from the U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard, what the Florida governor is doing is EXACTLY what the Director of the U.K. Oxford Vaccine Group has recommended for all world leaders.

Evidence around the world is showing that vaccination will not stop the spread of COVID-19, and it will, as a result of a vaccinated approach, continually mutate into ever-changing variants.

Vaccinated persons and non-vaccinated persons can equally be exposed, equally be infected, and equally carry the virus and all the variants therein.  Thus the value of making a distinction between vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons, as determined by any policy that requires proof of vaccine, is -in fact- futile.  Vaccine passports are an exercise in manipulative political theater.

During statements today in Lakeland Florida {direct Rumble Link}, Ron DeSantis again repeated that vaccines have an effective and reasonable place in the overall effort to protect people from severe health crisis as a result of COVID-19 infection.  However, if the goal is to protect life and increase survival rates amid those who contract SARS-CoV-2 or variants therein, the vaccine itself does not provide that protection.  The DeSantis approach is to combine vaccination for the most vulnerable, with easy access to therapeutics and treatment for everyone – regardless of vaccinated status.  WATCH:

What Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outlines in that press conference and answer to questions, is exactly the approach recommended several months ago by Sir Andrew Pollard, the Senior U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain.

The commonsense therapeutic approach should be the primary focus, not vaccination, for ongoing healthcare systems as the COVID-19 variants will continue to evolve. DeSantis promotion of monoclonal antibody treatment is one highly effective tool to accomplish the goal of successful treatment and recovery.

Ultimately, the natural immunity process will be of greater overall benefit than vaccinations which will require continual boosters to deal with the ever-evolving variants (a similar approach to dealing with reoccurring and evolving flu strains).   Listen to the leading U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard, and contrast these recommendations with the approach the Florida Governor is taking  (SHORT VIDEO):

In essence, both Dr. Andrew Pollard (Director of the U.K. Oxford Vaccine Group) and Dr. Malone, a U.S. leading expert on pandemics, state that variants of the COVID-19 virus will continue to spread throughout the population regardless of vaccine status; and the virus will continue to evolve into more infectious but less deadly or pathogenic strains.

There simply is no way to vaccinate the population and stop the spread of COVID variants, because the vaccinated will contract and spread the virus just like the non-vaccinated. The vaccine approach should be targeted to the elderly and those most at risk from a respiratory virus.

The benefit of the vaccine should be weighed against the individual’s current health status. Elderly populations with lower immune responses should be the target for vaccination; they are the most at risk. However, younger -less at risk- individuals will likely benefit more from therapeutic treatment after exposure *if* they experience any symptoms at all.

The problem is, this commonsense approach is less favorable to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare systems that are controlled by the financial mechanisms inside the business of healthcare. Big Pharma would obviously make less money from a smaller target population for vaccination; ergo, the therapeutic approach is a threat to the preferred approach of those who operate the business model. This is the overarching political battle.

The influence of the pharmaceutical corporations, inside the institutions of government controlled healthcare on a global basis, is massive.  Their self-interest is the origin of the vaccinate push and vaccine narrative as the *only* and *best* solution.

Anyone who raises a question, challenges the approach, or stands in opposition to mandated mass vaccinations, then becomes a target to be isolated, marginalized, ridiculed and removed.

The COVID-19 virus is a politicized space where competing narratives are battling for position.  Most of the information now pushed by the media is done along these political lines.

Social changes, complete structural shifts amid a world of interconnected nations, under the guise of “Build Back Better” COVID-19 mitigation is the goal and aspiration of the political left on a national and global scale. COVID-19 is a virus, but also a very important political weapon, and we are discovering what the purpose of the hype is all about.  {GO DEEP}

There has been a great deal of discussion about the vitriolic, almost rabid disposition of people who are pushing the vaccination.

This should not be a surprise, although it might be disconcerting to find formerly reasonable people in your network, perhaps even in your family, now become seemingly unhinged if the subject arises.

It is demonstrably true, there has been a cleaving of our American population as the debate about the COVID vaccination rages on.  However, it is wise to consider the underlying psychology of a person who has been vaccinated, before engaging in an argument.

You may end up being entirely correct in your position; however, an intense or combative argument? At what cost?

A vaccinated person is, as a consequence of their decision, in an irreversible frame of mind.  Once the vaccination has been injected into a persons body, there is no turning back; the Rubicon has been crossed, the event horizon closes, there is no retreat.

Any conversation or debate about vaccine efficacy or long-term consequences with a person who has accepted the vaccine must be weighed accordingly.

The no-retreat baseline can, often does, form the origin of anger and vitriol, particularly in unstable leftists -who are, by nature of their ideology- professional blame-casters and prone to emotional responses as a matter of disposition.  Therefore, it is better to avoid the topic entirely (if possible) and retain your peace of mind.

Revelations over the past few years have led to the complete collapse of credibility for many institutions. The healthcare field is the latest example of a politically controlled ideological industry that can no longer be trusted to make decisions based on a detachment from their political interests.

The healthcare industry has joined the education system, the justice system (DOJ), law enforcement (FBI), the intelligence system, arts and entertainment, as well as many organizations now controlled through the prism of politics. Political ideology, as the determining factor of institutional behavior, has infected almost every facet of modern life; healthcare is no exception.

Given the nature of the metastatic corruption, very visible in multiple institutions, it is completely understandable that more people would not trust the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body or agency now vested in the COVID vaccine.

There is every reason not to trust the healthcare industry on the issue of vaccination(s). Indeed, their obtuse behavior, logical disconnect, false assertions and gross hypocrisy is more than enough to create doubt about the vaccine. Then overlay the lack of consequence for all known institutional corruption, and there’s even more reason to doubt them.

We should all cherish, respect and value the differences of opinion of this very personal issue.  Healthcare is a personal and private matter.  Other people have different factors, risk-factors and hundreds of considerations that guide or have guided their decision. We should all respect that; and we do not want to see ‘vaccination status‘ become a fragmentation problem for our CTH community.

We are all in the same foxhole.