Food Shortages Continue

Armstrong Economics Blog/Agriculture Re-Posted Aug 16, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Food shortages are again starting to appear. But the new round of restrictions because of COVID variants is sending the world into an economic tailspin. Even in Thailand, the food lines are massive as the new restrictions because of COVID have led to the failure of small businesses and the inability of people to work to earn any money for food. In the name of “health”, they have terrorized the world and are accomplishing their goal of collapsing free markets and capitalism.

We are the great unwashed – expendable and the sooner the herd is thinned, the sooner they will save the planet. Capitalism is under assault like never before. How many people died frightening to preserve our freedoms. My family has fought in every war since the American Revolution. They should just dig up all the graves at Arlington and turn them into fertilizer for they have no respect for what people died for.

Not even the media is willing to defend our way of life no less than of their own families.

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