The Current Occupant of the White House is Clearly Under the Influence/Control of the Chinese CCP

Biden was clearly medically disqualified from holding any public office let alone the most important one in Western Civilization — the presidency of the United States of America. Obviously is is being influenced by all the Obama era staffers in the White House, and by the compromised CDC/NIH controlled by Bill Gate and by the European WEF made man Klaus Schwab. However, as bad as that crew is the most dangerous one is Xi Jinping the tyrant of China.

You may ask how can I say that? Well

first we have his history of known corruption as a Senator which was even worse the the rest of them in the senate in both parties.

Then there was Biden’s son Hunter and his now famous laptop showing the amount of money being funneled into the Biden family.

Then there was the way he was elected with credible links to China.

Lastly, what he did to Afghanistan, which was criminal?


This Afghanistan, insanity hurts just about every country in the EU and Asia by destroying any future credibility of the United States keeping any promises as this was the second time we did this both times by democrats the first being Vietnam. The Europeans are furious at that he did. What are South Korea and Japan going to think? Taiwan now knows their fate as they know Biden would never help them if China moves to take them over. Even Vietnam is worried as they were already invaded by China once. There is more but if you are reading this you will understand.

Now the bad news, There is only one country that benefited from this and that is China! Its clear to me that they have the real control of Biden but both Pelosi, and McConnell also have significant financial ties to China so I wouldn’t be surprised that they and others are also compromised.

Is there anything we can do? I just don’t know the Chinese have sunk the claws deep into our government?

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