Centcom Responds to Reports of Biden Authorized U.S. Drone Strike Near Kabul Airport Killing Innocents Including Allies and Children – Whoops, Our Bad, We’ll Check

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 29, 2021 | Sundance | 93 Comments

There have been various and increasing ¹reports all day that a Biden-authorized U.S. drone strike targeting ISIS-K, in retaliation for their Kabul terrorist attack, not only killed Islamic terrorists, but also killed allies, innocent civilians and children.

[NOTE: I hate to keep harping on this, but it is important context. Remember CNN represents the official position of the State Dept. If CNN reports it, that is Team #1 (Dos/CIA), positioning a narrative to put Team #2 (White House and Pentagon) in a compromising position.]

New York Post – Multiple Afghan civilians, including relatives and children, were reportedly killed in Sunday’s US airstrike near the Kabul airport.

US officials said the drone strike wiped out a vehicle carrying multiple suicide bombers that posed an “imminent ISIS-K threat” to the city’s airport.

The exact amount of casualties was not immediately clear, but a relative of those killed told CNN that nine of his family members died in the drone strike. Six children, ranging in age from 2 to 10, and three adults were among the dead, the relative told the news outlet. (read more)

[Original CNN report HERE] – As the media start to pick up the story, dig and verify the reports of innocents as collateral damage, unbelievably U.S. Central Command (Centcom) releases a public statement seemingly admitting to the issue.


The media reports must be accurate because CentCom would never release a bulletin like that if the claim wasn’t valid.  The Pentagon appears to be positioning to say that the vehicle was full of material that made the targeted explosion much worse…. yikes.

Bad situation…

♦ TEAM One – The Department of State is aligned with the CIA.  Their media PR firms are CNN, CNNi and the Washington Post. Their ideology is favorable to the United Nations.  Their internal corruption is generally driven by relationship with foreign actors.  References: Hillary Clinton, Clinton Global Initiative, John McCain, Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Cass Sunstein, Brookings Institute, Lawfare, China-centric, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Council on Foreign Relations.

♦ TEAM Two – The White House is aligned with the Pentagon (DoD) and National Security Council (NSC).  Their media PR firms are domestic in nature. New York Times, Politico, etc.  Their internal corruption is generally driven by domestic influence.  References: Barack Obama, George Bush, Wall St, Big Banks, Multinational Corporations, Defense Contractors, FBI (state police), Judicial Branch, and community activists writ large.

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