Psaki Says No One “Anywhere in The World” Could Foresee Afghan Government Falling So Quickly, Except They Did

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 31, 2021 | Sundance | 211 Comments

During the White House press briefing today, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki once again made the claim that no one could foresee the rapid collapse of the Afghan government.  That claim is the White House narrative, and despite the evidence to the contrary they are sticking to it… because a stunningly incurious media is allowing them to.

When questioned about the incompetence of the Biden administration not seeing the Afghan government collapse, Jen Psaki said today: “I don’t think anyone assessed that they would collapse as quickly as they did. Anyone — anyone in this room, anyone anywhere in the world,” Psaki responded, “If you have anyone who did I would be surprised.”

This continued White House claim is disputed by evidence provided by both the intelligence community and internal cables from the U.S.  State Department. Let’s review; first ABC:

ABC NEWS – […]  U.S. officials tell ABC News that the opposite was true, insisting that key intelligence assessments had consistently informed policymakers that the Taliban could overwhelm the country and take the capital within weeks. […] “[U.S.] leaders were told by the military it would take no time at all for the Taliban to take everything,” an anonymous U.S. intelligence official told ABC News. “No one listened.” (read more)

Then there was the internal State Department cables from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, dated July 13th:

WSJ – […]  The classified cable represents the clearest evidence yet that the administration had been warned by its own officials on the ground that the Taliban’s advance was imminent and Afghanistan’s military may be unable to stop it. […] In all, 23 U.S. Embassy staffers, all Americans, signed the July 13 cable, the two people said. The U.S. official said there was a rush to deliver it, given circumstances on the ground in Kabul.  The cable was sent to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Director of Policy Planning Salman Ahmed. Mr. Blinken received the cable and reviewed it shortly after receipt, according to the person familiar with the exchange. (read more)

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