The Spirit of Darkness

Posted originally on on SEP 1, 2021 AT 5:57 PM

We must walk though the Darkness before we see the light

It’s dark and gloomy because too many totalitarian-minded tyrannical politicians are having a field day telling the western world what to do. They’ve replace our freedoms with what I call ‘safetyism.’ All it takes is a handful of covid cases for the politicians to lock up and terrorize millions of citizens. It’s as if we have our own Taliban threatening us with force and violence if we do not agree with them.

Australia is getting the worst treatment, but New Zealand is suffering, too. Trudeau in Canada and Macron in France are getting their jollies by mandating vaccine passports. The evil-minded in America such as Biden, Pelosi, and her nephew—California Governor Gavin Newsom–want the same. (Newsom is sometimes referred to as ‘Hairdo.’)

How do we stop these dark forces? Voting may not be the answer. The Democrats stole our presidential election and the same means can be used to keep Newsom from being recalled.

No matter what happens, we should not participate in our own demise. Do not take their poisonous jabs. RESIST!

— Ben Garrison

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