Fox News Jennifer Griffin Gives Pentagon Assist, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley Frames ISIS as Looming Enemy if We Do Not Support Taliban

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 4, 2021 | Sundance | 76 Comments

Remember the teams [(1) DoS, CIA, Intel -vs- (2) WH, Pentagon, NSC].  As we get deeper into the issues, it will become exponentially more important; because without understanding the ideological connections and individual motives, many misinterpretations of events will occur…. including the Deep State alignment of 2024 presidential candidates on these issues.

CNN, CNNi, Politico, Reuters and The Washington Post, all aligned with team-one, have been beating team-two in the blame game.  ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX have been trying to protect team-two, but the intel faction within team-one has deployed brutal weapons with leaks against the White House and Pentagon.  The PR body blows against the Pentagon (arrows), by the information warfare team within the State Dept (olive branch), have done serious damage; but the defense department is still on its feet.

Allied with the larger White House objective, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin moves in to help rehabilitate Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley.   [Print Article] This segment of the “exclusive interview” is telling.  As we shared on Thursday, keep an eye out for the BIG SHIFT {Go Deep}.   As soon as they can put the accountability worries behind them, both teams will unite again as part of the U.S. foreign policy mission.   What we are seeing in this interview is part of that shift.  WATCH:

The State Department will work through the U.N. channels to grant legitimacy to the Taliban (larger agency, The Muslim Brotherhood).  This will be the TEAM ONE avenue for laundering taxpayer money through the auspices of foreign policy.  The U.S. Senate (Foreign Relations Committee) will help them.

Simultaneously the Pentagon, TEAM TWO, will look to maintain their laundry operation by identifying a new enemy, a ghost enemy, a distinction within the laundry operation easily clouded.   The U.S. Senate (Armed Services Committee) will help them.

If they can get past the controversy of the Afghan exit, the Deep State can then realign and unify again.   The Taliban will be positioned as an ally in the fight against ISIS, or ISIS-k (or al-Qaeda), which was our U.S. position in the 1980’s.  Yes, history repeating.  The State Dept and Pentagon will no longer be adversarial and will unite in this approach.

What General Milley was seeding in that interview is exactly this process.  Milley says, “You could see a resurgence of terrorism coming out of this region within 12, 24 to 36 months.”  The implication here is if we do not support the Taliban to “consolidate power and establish governance“, the non-Taliban extremist factions will be terrorists against the United States.  This is the entry door for U.S. intervention, continuing the Pentagon money laundering operation and maintaining a militaristic footprint in the region.

The Taliban, ISIS, ISIS-k, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda are all factions of the same authentic Islamic ideology.  They are not adversarial in ideology, they are merely factions fighting for power.  The political umbrella covering them all is The Muslim Brotherhood.

Not too dissimilar from the battle between Blue States and Red States, the Taliban -vs- ISIS (et al) is a competition for control of the country by tribes.  The main difference is the Taliban and ISIS use actual weapons to fight for majority power instead of out-sourcing their armory to big tech, corporations and manipulative media.  By western standards, we say the physical fight is uncivilized; and we recommend they form a representative government and fight it out with words and votes.  Hence, Milley saying, “establish governance.”

Both American teams are still in the responsibility avoidance phase for the mess they created together in Afghanistan.  The State Department, the CIA, the U.S. Intel Committee writ large, the Pentagon, the White House, the National Security Council and United States Senate all lied about Afghanistan.

Almost every prior statement, position and outline about the status around Afghanistan was false.  With the collapse of the Potemkin village, the American people are seeing the mess behind two decades of lies in Afghanistan.  Those political lies were used to launder trillions of taxpayers dollars and destroyed thousands of the young lives of our service members.

The Dept of State, IC , White House and Pentagon are all attempting to avoid accountability until the attention of the American public diminishes.  As soon as there is no further risk of sunlight and accountability, both teams will unite again and the Deep State will continue.

Fast n Furious.

IRS Targeting.



FISA Abuse.



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