Jacinda Ardern Locks Down New Zealand

Posted originally on GrrrGraphics.com SEP 4, 2021 AT 9:11 PM

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has locked down her country after a single case of Covid-19.

Yes, all it takes is for one person to get sick and millions are locked up in their homes.

It’s clear that this isn’t about stopping a coronavirus. That’s just an excuse to imprison and control entire populations. This is about the ‘Great Reset,’ a new age of high tech globalist tyranny where serfs are carefully tracked and monitored. A few lords at the top will control everything and there are too many willing operatives such as Jacinda who eagerly execute their tyrannical plans. 

Shame on Jacida Ardern for her totalitarianism. She should be vilified and ignored, but her henchmen (also known as the police) will most likely pummel anyone refusing to go along with the so called ‘authorities,’ and they’ll gleefully beat uncooperative citizens.

Government is, after all, force.

— Ben Garrison

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