Sacramento Parents Attend School Board Meeting Following Undercover Reporting of Antifa Indoctrination in School District

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 4, 2021 | Sundance | 47 Comments

Project Veritas went undercover to expose teachers in the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento California, who are indoctrinating students with Marxist ideology and training the high school students to join violent Antifa groups.

A severely unstable teacher named Gabriel Gipe was filmed outlining how he forces students to participate in radical political activism by “threatening the f**k out of them,” if they do not comply with his demands.  His classroom has Antifa flags and communist advocacy posters throughout.   What was outlined in his secretly recorded admissions is transparently abusive, yet when the school district was confronted with the evidence they did nothing.  Project Veritas then released the video evidence, and shockwaves began throughout the community.

Parents showed up to the school board demanding accountability and consequences for the issues raised.  Here’s a video showing the responses from parents during their confrontation with the school board.  WATCH:

[…] “Project Veritas encourages students and parents to contact if they have evidence of political indoctrination and propaganda taking place in a classroom setting. ”

The teacher who was recorded has facial piercings, full body tattoos including the fingers, and presents a personal style/image that should have alerted any parent.  It makes you wonder how many parents don’t follow their instincts…. or have those instincts been overwhelmed by cultural Marxism?

Picture inside the classrooms being discussed.

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