CNN Frets, 76 Percent of Americans Say Economy Getting Worse

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 30, 2022 | Sundance

The defender and protector of leftist politics, CNN’s Chris Cillizza, is having a meltdown over the 2022 mid-term prospects for Democrats, calling the economic situation “disastrous for Democrats’ 2022 chances.”

Cillizza is referencing the cumulative effect of high inflation, high gas prices, a negative GDP outcome for the first quarter, and now the latest Gallup polling data:

In the latest Gallup poll, conducted April 1-19, four in five U.S. adults rate current economic conditions in the country as only fair (38%) or poor (42%), with few describing conditions as excellent (2%) or good (18%). Furthermore, 76% of Americans say the economy is getting worse, 20% say it is improving, and 3% think it is staying the same. (read more)

As CNN shares, “if things stay roughly where they are today — in terms of economic measures like GDP and CPI and Americans’ perceptions of the state of the economy — Democrats will experience a cataclysm at the ballot box this fall. The question won’t be whether they hold their paper-thin majorities in the House and Senate, but rather how big the electoral hole will be that they have to try to dig out from over the coming decade.” (link)

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