Why Are We More Divided Than During the Civil War? | Dennis Prager | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Posted originally on The Rubin Report  Published February 27, 2022 33,229 Views

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to PragerU founder Dennis Prager about the dangers of political polarization, why he is a former Democrat, why people think conservatives are evil, and why black workers always do worse with Democratic policies. First, Dennis explains why this period of political tribalism is so concerning and why the political divide may actually be more dangerous than the civil war. He explains why he won’t be leaving California and joining the blue state exodus to states like Florida and Texas. He also explains how he went from a Jimmy Carter voting former liberal to a promoter of conservative values. Next, Dennis shares a GK Chesterton quote that explains why a secular society may not be as good as it sounds and how secularism can lead to new religions like wokeness. He explains how the left no longer believes in science and how he was mocked on “Real Time with Bill Maher” for pointing out that the left now believes men can menstruate. Now only two years later, Bill Maher is attacking things like the pregnant man emoji. Dennis also explains how successful liberals have been at creating the myth of evil Republicans and why his first Republican vote was one of the hardest things he ever did. Finally, Dennis explains how liberal policies like those enacted by LA county DA George Gascón only make crime and public safety much worse. He shares how even an anti-Trump conservative like Jason Riley can see how Trump’s policies reduced black unemployment, yet black voters ignore this reality and continue to vote Democrat. Why do the crimes of the left by the people like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao get forgotten or ignored and who will pay for the lockdown mistake and COVID tyranny?

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