Brett Baier Asks Volodymyr Zelenskyy About Azov Battalion Reportedly Shooting POW’s

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 2, 2022

The question was asked during an interview between Brett Baier and Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday evening.  However, you will not find this segment on the rebroadcast of the interview at Fox News [Website Here] they took it out.  You will also not find this segment on the Fox News upload of the interview to their YouTube account [See Here] again, they took it out.

In fact, if someone had not uploaded a livestream copy to Rumble {Direct Link Here} there would be no other evidence the question was even asked, let alone the very flippant answer from Zelenskyy, “they are what they are“; where “they” is the neoNazi Azov battalion that have been merged with the Ukraine regular military. WATCH:

Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Outlook for Ceasefire in Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 18, 2022 | Sundance 

During a segment last night, Colonel Douglas Macgregor discussed the perspective for a ceasefire and peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict.

The resolution issue is a very critical point, because the U.S. State Dept (CIA) and the DC political machine are standing firm in their collective desire for a long-term insurgency campaign against Russia using Ukraine as a proxy war.  Macgregor notes the geopolitical and global economic outcomes from a protracted interventionist NATO/western approach at using Ukraine for conflict against Russia.  WATCH:

Additionally, Michael Tracey (via Substack) has some background information on the Russian cruise missile attack against the military training facility located outside Lviv, near the border with Poland.  This is well worth reading, because it connects to the larger effort of the U.S. to conduct an insurgency campaign regardless of what Ukraine President Zelenskyy might desire.

(Tracey) – […] The city of Rzeszow, Poland, about 60 miles from the Ukraine border, is currently crawling with all manner of spooks, freelance war adventurers, sketchy profiteers, and assorted others. I just overheard a top official at a Washington-based NGO, which I won’t name at the moment, bragging that their “security” operations on the front lines in Ukraine are being manned by a “former Special Ops guy” — meaning a veteran of the US Military who formerly worked in “Special Operations.”

Of course, to what extent these guys can truly be characterized as “former” military, especially if they’re doing active logistics in a combat zone, is an open question. 

I also heard a translator working for a notable US journalist state that he/she personally helped facilitate the entry of American “veterans” into Ukraine through Poland, en route to do God knows what exactly. Putin has said that incoming supplies of “aid,” as well as inflows of “foreign mercenaries,” will be considered legitimate military targets — and Russia’s strike Sunday on a military facility just 15 miles from Poland was said to be an example of him following through on the threat.

This raises the very distinct possibility of US combat fatalities in the near future, even if the US individuals in question are not technically on active duty — or at least publicly acknowledged as such. What do you think the public response will be, if Russian missiles successfully strike a group of “American veteran volunteers” who have shown up to fight in Ukraine? Especially given the mounting predictions about the alleged imminence of chemical and/or biological attacks? (read more)

There were reported 200+ mercenaries killed in the cruise missile attack against the facility near Lviv.  The Daily Mail reported over 1,000 foreign fighters were housed in the facility at the time. […] A Ukrainian officer said there were around 1,000 foreigners at the camp – officially known as the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security – at the time. (read more)

After a few initial media reports about the cruise missile strikes at the training facility, the story essentially disappeared.  The question remains if any U.S. nationals, mercenaries or contractors, were at the compound and whether any were killed or injured.

An American foreign fighter, who would identify himself only as “Zander,” said he was injured March 13 in a Russian airstrike on the “International Center for Peacekeeping and Security” in Yavoriv, located in far Western Ukraine. The strike drew much notice because it was the most westward attack yet committed by Russia, just around 15 miles from the Polish border. (more)