Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom Urgently Need The Politics of COVID, MSNBC Chuck Todd Outlines The Importance of Political COVID as a Tool For Distraction

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 5, 2021 | Sundance | 365 Comments

Biden’s inflation is crushing the middle-class.  Gas prices are intentionally skyrocketing.  Obama Term-3 policies are destroying jobs and the working class.   The southern border is in crisis; widespread illegal immigration is alarming.

Biden’s Afghanistan strategy was/is a total FUBAR (by design).  Thirteen U.S. service members were killed by JoeBama policy.  Leftist promoted wokeism as a social engineering tool is running amok.  Schools are a battleground between parents and Obama’s union orcs.  Joe Biden himself is a hot mess of incompetence and dementia on a scale they can no longer keep hidden.  And the poll numbers for Biden overall are showing it.

The JoeBama crew must bury all of it by weaponizing the use of COVID-19 fear.  There is no other issue large enough to protect the JoeBama agenda without using COVID.

COVID-19 is the only political tool with the outcome to keep all other purposeful crises under control.

That urgent narrative is what’s behind this little soundbite segment from the professional media proletariat.  WATCH:

More cowbell = More COVID.  They really need more pandemic-centric focus.  Without it, they are very worried….

And at precisely this moment, more Americans everyday are waking up to the hoax behind the COVID narrative.

The MSNBC panel of narrative engineers has a major case of sad….

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