Sunday Talks, Fauci Says First Vaccine Booster Coming Soon and Mu Variant Showing Increased Avoidance of High-Level Antibodies, Making Way For Booster Two

Posted originally on the conservative tree house September 5, 2021 | Sundance | 437 Comments

During a CBS interview earlier this morning NIH Director Anthony Fauci, explains the future of the world healthcare through the eyes of the U.S. FDA and the pharmacy companies who control it.

For those who have taken the immune system altering “vaccine”, the booster shots will be coming soon; hopefully by September 20th, if not shortly thereafter.  The booster is needed to stem the impacts from the strength of the Delta variant created by the vaccine designed for the original COVID-19 virus.  The Delta booster will address the mutation of the virus, created by the vaccine.

Additionally, preliminary data on the “Mu variant” indicates it has a higher level of antibody resistance than the Delta variant; which Fauci infers could mean another booster, a “Mu booster” to supplement the booster for the first variant, Delta, which is needed as a result of COVID-19 virus resistance to the first round of vaccines….  WATCH:

The original “vaccine” creates the virus variant…. which now requires a booster… which will then create a variant…. that will later require a booster.

Once you get in the carnival car, you cannot get off ’til the ride is over.   It’s a great business model.

Note: No questions during the interview about the senior FDA and health officials who have quit because they no longer wish to participate in narrative distribution.  Still no mandatory vaccines for FDA employees.

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