Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Following The Exact COVID Protocol Recommended By U.K. Senior Vaccinologist Sir Andrew Pollard

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 7, 2021 | Sundance | 299 Comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continually under blistering attack from those who exploit the politics of COVID-19 without regard for health or safety.  However, as you will see below in comments delivered today by DeSantis and previous (non-criticized) opinion from the U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard, what the Florida governor is doing is EXACTLY what the Director of the U.K. Oxford Vaccine Group has recommended for all world leaders.

Evidence around the world is showing that vaccination will not stop the spread of COVID-19, and it will, as a result of a vaccinated approach, continually mutate into ever-changing variants.

Vaccinated persons and non-vaccinated persons can equally be exposed, equally be infected, and equally carry the virus and all the variants therein.  Thus the value of making a distinction between vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons, as determined by any policy that requires proof of vaccine, is -in fact- futile.  Vaccine passports are an exercise in manipulative political theater.

During statements today in Lakeland Florida {direct Rumble Link}, Ron DeSantis again repeated that vaccines have an effective and reasonable place in the overall effort to protect people from severe health crisis as a result of COVID-19 infection.  However, if the goal is to protect life and increase survival rates amid those who contract SARS-CoV-2 or variants therein, the vaccine itself does not provide that protection.  The DeSantis approach is to combine vaccination for the most vulnerable, with easy access to therapeutics and treatment for everyone – regardless of vaccinated status.  WATCH:

What Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outlines in that press conference and answer to questions, is exactly the approach recommended several months ago by Sir Andrew Pollard, the Senior U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain.

The commonsense therapeutic approach should be the primary focus, not vaccination, for ongoing healthcare systems as the COVID-19 variants will continue to evolve. DeSantis promotion of monoclonal antibody treatment is one highly effective tool to accomplish the goal of successful treatment and recovery.

Ultimately, the natural immunity process will be of greater overall benefit than vaccinations which will require continual boosters to deal with the ever-evolving variants (a similar approach to dealing with reoccurring and evolving flu strains).   Listen to the leading U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard, and contrast these recommendations with the approach the Florida Governor is taking  (SHORT VIDEO):

In essence, both Dr. Andrew Pollard (Director of the U.K. Oxford Vaccine Group) and Dr. Malone, a U.S. leading expert on pandemics, state that variants of the COVID-19 virus will continue to spread throughout the population regardless of vaccine status; and the virus will continue to evolve into more infectious but less deadly or pathogenic strains.

There simply is no way to vaccinate the population and stop the spread of COVID variants, because the vaccinated will contract and spread the virus just like the non-vaccinated. The vaccine approach should be targeted to the elderly and those most at risk from a respiratory virus.

The benefit of the vaccine should be weighed against the individual’s current health status. Elderly populations with lower immune responses should be the target for vaccination; they are the most at risk. However, younger -less at risk- individuals will likely benefit more from therapeutic treatment after exposure *if* they experience any symptoms at all.

The problem is, this commonsense approach is less favorable to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare systems that are controlled by the financial mechanisms inside the business of healthcare. Big Pharma would obviously make less money from a smaller target population for vaccination; ergo, the therapeutic approach is a threat to the preferred approach of those who operate the business model. This is the overarching political battle.

The influence of the pharmaceutical corporations, inside the institutions of government controlled healthcare on a global basis, is massive.  Their self-interest is the origin of the vaccinate push and vaccine narrative as the *only* and *best* solution.

Anyone who raises a question, challenges the approach, or stands in opposition to mandated mass vaccinations, then becomes a target to be isolated, marginalized, ridiculed and removed.

The COVID-19 virus is a politicized space where competing narratives are battling for position.  Most of the information now pushed by the media is done along these political lines.

Social changes, complete structural shifts amid a world of interconnected nations, under the guise of “Build Back Better” COVID-19 mitigation is the goal and aspiration of the political left on a national and global scale. COVID-19 is a virus, but also a very important political weapon, and we are discovering what the purpose of the hype is all about.  {GO DEEP}

There has been a great deal of discussion about the vitriolic, almost rabid disposition of people who are pushing the vaccination.

This should not be a surprise, although it might be disconcerting to find formerly reasonable people in your network, perhaps even in your family, now become seemingly unhinged if the subject arises.

It is demonstrably true, there has been a cleaving of our American population as the debate about the COVID vaccination rages on.  However, it is wise to consider the underlying psychology of a person who has been vaccinated, before engaging in an argument.

You may end up being entirely correct in your position; however, an intense or combative argument? At what cost?

A vaccinated person is, as a consequence of their decision, in an irreversible frame of mind.  Once the vaccination has been injected into a persons body, there is no turning back; the Rubicon has been crossed, the event horizon closes, there is no retreat.

Any conversation or debate about vaccine efficacy or long-term consequences with a person who has accepted the vaccine must be weighed accordingly.

The no-retreat baseline can, often does, form the origin of anger and vitriol, particularly in unstable leftists -who are, by nature of their ideology- professional blame-casters and prone to emotional responses as a matter of disposition.  Therefore, it is better to avoid the topic entirely (if possible) and retain your peace of mind.

Revelations over the past few years have led to the complete collapse of credibility for many institutions. The healthcare field is the latest example of a politically controlled ideological industry that can no longer be trusted to make decisions based on a detachment from their political interests.

The healthcare industry has joined the education system, the justice system (DOJ), law enforcement (FBI), the intelligence system, arts and entertainment, as well as many organizations now controlled through the prism of politics. Political ideology, as the determining factor of institutional behavior, has infected almost every facet of modern life; healthcare is no exception.

Given the nature of the metastatic corruption, very visible in multiple institutions, it is completely understandable that more people would not trust the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body or agency now vested in the COVID vaccine.

There is every reason not to trust the healthcare industry on the issue of vaccination(s). Indeed, their obtuse behavior, logical disconnect, false assertions and gross hypocrisy is more than enough to create doubt about the vaccine. Then overlay the lack of consequence for all known institutional corruption, and there’s even more reason to doubt them.

We should all cherish, respect and value the differences of opinion of this very personal issue.  Healthcare is a personal and private matter.  Other people have different factors, risk-factors and hundreds of considerations that guide or have guided their decision. We should all respect that; and we do not want to see ‘vaccination status‘ become a fragmentation problem for our CTH community.

We are all in the same foxhole.

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