They Now Want to Criminally Charge Le Pen to Remove Her from Politics

To assist the European Parliament, the French National Assembly has lifted the immunity of the head of the National Front, Marine Le Pen. The Paris parliamentary administration claims it is simply responding to a request of the judiciary, which under French law, prosecutes crimes. The trumped-up charges against Le Pen stem for publishing on Twitter the atrocities of victims of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS). Le Pen faces several years in prison and this is obviously a political prosecution.

Le Pen responded to the press (AFP): “The freedom of opinion and the prosecution of grievances that are fundamental to a deputy is dead with this politically motivated decision.”

We seriously MUST take away the power to prosecute from the government. Any crime should be limited to VIOLENCE that results in prison and ALL prosecutions MUST be at the signed request of a citizen. If the citizen files a false charge, then they should suffer the same fate that they sought against the individual. We simply have to end political-prosecutions. That power MUST be stripped from governments when we get to reset the entire system once they crash and burn as a result of their own corruption.

2 comments on “They Now Want to Criminally Charge Le Pen to Remove Her from Politics

  1. The boy child Macron is suffering from failing popularity on all fronts.
    The old guard know his days are numbered and are planning in advance.
    So what price democracy in France??
    Best you ask Catalan about that after their referendum, or Greece for the same, or even the UK.

    Democracy is just a label and poison to freedom.


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