Cry Freedom: Iranian Protests Grow in Day #2 – Regime Forces Crack Down…

It looks like the Iranian Green Revolution is back on the streets as waves of protests are happening.  In 2009 the Mullah’s brutally cracked down on the reformers and President Obama stood by.  In 2017 the reformers have an ally in the oval office as President Trump and his entire administration (specifically Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley) openly show their support for the movement.  Stunning developments.







The U.S. Media are attempting to spin the protests as “pro-regime” and claiming the supporters are pro-Khameni and pro government.  That narrative is 100% false, yet it highlights the severity of the entire left-wing media apparatus as they attempt to prop-up the failed policies of the Obama administration.

Tens-of-thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets to express their anger, and unfortunately for the preferred media script that anger is not directed at President Trump or Saudi Arabia; but rather at the mullahs and their oppressive security forces.

The protests may have begun over economic grievances in the northeastern city of Mashhad.  However, the uprising has grown to at least 18 cities nationwide.  The slogals are no longer about corruption and economics, they are directly confronting the Islamic Republic:

Death to [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei!”

Death to Hezbollah!”

Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, Our Life Only for Iran!”

We Will Die to Get Our Iran Back!”

Clerics Out of Our Country!”

President Trump Tweeted his prior statements from the U.N. General Assembly about Iran and the hopes for the people of Iran.  U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, also is transmitting support for the reformers along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The reformers and protesters face a brutal Iranian regime that spends most of its time trying to retain itself and will not hesitate to crack down, just as it did in 1999 and 2009.

Perhaps the difference now is they have the support of U.S. President Donald Trump, and it is likely our western propaganda media will not be able to hide the truth much longer.

2 comments on “Cry Freedom: Iranian Protests Grow in Day #2 – Regime Forces Crack Down…

  1. Oh look, another regime change in the making.

    The usual tired (never works out as planned) formula from someone’s play book. Which of course will need a bit of world class policing.

    So when is the emergency (not planned at all) meeting of the UN security council going to be held?

    The one where a ‘unanimous’ decision will be reached (in record time) to issue a UN resolution that will allow the world’s peacekeepers to “invade”.

    Purely for humanitarian reasons and peacekeeping duties of course.


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