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The November Election: a Return to Civilization or More Chaos and Decline

November election represents a crucial internal test, the failure of which could prove the undoing of the United States as a constitutional republic

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 11, 2020

The November Election: a Return to Civilization or More Chaos and Decline

Surveying the urban war zones, property destruction and the shuttered and bankrupt businesses across so many American cities from lawless rioters and extended Covid-19 shutdowns imposed by feckless political leaders, many wonder, “Just how did we get here, and will we ever regain normalcy?” Those two questions loom over the November election, but what’s really at stake is a choice between civilization and chaos.

What most people don’t realize is that there is an ideology behind Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the Democratic leadership that empowers BLM, and it’s called Critical Race Theory CRT).

Critical Race Theory

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, when President Trump became aware that CRT had infiltrated many of the agencies of the Federal bureaucracy through the reporting of Christopher Rufo on the Fox News—Tucker Carlson show, he issued a directive that all Federal agencies cancel race-related training programs based on “critical race theory” (CRT).

It turns out that CRT education and training programs have been promoted throughout various federal government agencies through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which came into existence from President Obama’s 2011 Executive Order 13583.  His stated purpose was to “Establish a Coordinated Government Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce,” and he amped that up in his last six months in office, perhaps to institutionalize his legacy. In July of 2016, he rolled out the “Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan,” calling on Federal agencies to “fully utilize policies, programs, and systems that support inclusive diversity through increasingly focused, innovative, and accelerated communication and learning strategies.”

To make sense of all this it’s important to recognize that diversity and inclusion were already well established in the Federal Government long before Obama’s 2011 executive order. At that time the percentage of blacks and minorities in the Federal workforce was about 18% and 34% respectively, a disproportionately larger representation than in either the civilian population or the private sector corporate work force.  By the end of the Obama Administration, the percentage of minority representation in the Federal Government was even higher.  Thus the 2016 initiative was probably less about expanding diversity and inclusion than about indoctrination—the “focused, innovative, and accelerated communication and learning strategies,” for government personnel—which is where “critical race theory” comes in.

Critical race theory is a derivative of critical theory which made its way into America by leftwing intellectual immigrants from the “Frankfurt School,” who were neo-Marxists forced to flee Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s. Luminaries from the Frankfurt School included Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkeimer, Eric Fromm and Wilhelm Reich, who set up shop at Columbia, Berkeley, Princeton, Harvard, New School for Social Research and Brandeis. In the 1970s Harvard Law School Professor Derrick Bell applied critical theory to legal theory, and his 1973 book, Race, Racism and American Law became the first primary text on critical race theory (CRT)—giving birth to the CRT movement.

But it looks like 2020 will resemble 1860 as the year in which the November election represents a crucial internal test

Critical theory and CRT are not like traditional theories limited to explaining and understanding certain areas of human motivation and behavior. Rather, critical theory is activist-oriented and emphasizes political organizing.  Many of its advocates think of themselves as revolutionaries whose primary purpose is to critique and transform society as a whole. In short, critical theory is a radical, emancipatory form of Marxist philosophy.

CRT advocates downplay the accomplishments of the civil rights movement and generally reject rights-based remedies, such as affirmative action, color blindness, role modeling and the merit principle. They attack the very foundations of the classical liberal legal order that includes equality theory, legal reasoning, rationalism and neutral principles of constitutional law, and they specifically oppose neutral rules, such as one-person/one-vote or voter ID requirements.  CRT advocates don’t believe the law itself is a neutral tool, but rather part of the problem, structured to oppress minorities, while preserving white supremacy.  No wonder some want to tear it all down.

Prior to Trump’s directive, compulsory CRT seminars and training were going on in the U.S. Treasury Department, NIH and Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  CRT’s influence invariably brings on mission creep and distraction and can turn agency management on its head.

Consider FBI Director Christopher Wray who clearly has his hands full straightening out his agency.  He was probably unaware of the weekly seminar training going on in the J. Edgar Hoover headquarters on the CRT subcategory “Intersectional Theory.” Intersectionality reduces people to being part of a network of racial, gender, and sexual orientation identities that “intersect” in diverse ways that determine the degree to which one is an oppressor or is being oppressed. With Chris Wray being an Ivy League white guy at the top of the FBI pyramid, “intersectionality” adds a whole new dimension of leadership complexity.

In a free society fringe groups and extreme ideologies can and do appear, and one would hope that the American people and their government representatives would have sufficient judgment and ability to withstand most contradictions and absurdities. But it looks like 2020 will resemble 1860 as the year in which the November election represents a crucial internal test, the failure of which could prove the undoing of the United States as a constitutional republic.

Climate Change: Most Brazen Scientific Hoax In Human History 

The endless trumpeting of global warming hysteria can be explained by this Lenin quote: “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 11, 2020

Climate Change: Most Brazen Scientific Hoax In Human History

Based on years of terrifying reports about the climate, I was a firm believer in man-made global warming theory as recently as 11 years ago. My position abruptly changed in 2009, when a climate research cheating scandal rocked the scientific world to the core. Hacked emails among highly influential scientists at the center of worldwide hysteria over climate change revealed routine data tampering and other instances of flagrant scientific misconduct.

Although the scientists implicated in “Climategate 2009” denied wrong-doing, emails hacked from computers at their employer, the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, revealed a consistent pattern of climate data manipulation, conspiracies to falsify data and withhold findings that cast serious doubt on man-made global warming theory, to exaggerate the existence and threats posed by global warming, and to obstruct contrary research from appearing in scholarly publications. Aided and abetted by the thoroughly complicit western media establishment, the climate crisis industry portrayed the scandal as much ado about nothing, and continued beating the drums of climate hysteria as if nothing had happened.

Climategate cheating scandal exposed man-made global warming theory for what it is: the most brazen scientific hoax in human history

The Climategate cheating scandal exposed man-made global warming theory for what it is: the most brazen scientific hoax in human history, an international collusion to destroy capitalism in the world’s largest capitalist nation to pave the way for that nation’s sovereignty being handed over to a global governing authority run by the United Nations. That is a serious charge on my part, so please allow me to justify it by citing the words of two high profile UN officials in the thick of the effort to strip away America’s sovereignty.

You might want to sit down for this

Christiana Figueres served as Executive Secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. In a frank admission that laid bare the stealth agenda behind climate alarmism, Figueres said during a February 2015 press conference in Brussels that the UN’s real purpose in promoting climate fear is to kill off capitalism throughout the world:

This is the first time in human history that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally changing [getting rid of] the economic development model that has reigned since the Industrial Revolution.

The economic model to which she referred is free-market capitalism. A year earlier, Figueres revealed what U.S. capitalism must be replaced with when she complained that America’s two-party constitutional democracy is hampering the UN’s climate objectives. She went on to cite China’s communist system as the kind of government America must have if the UN is to do as it pleases. In other words, if the UN is to have its way, America must become a communist nation.

Stealth agenda behind climate alarmism:  Redistribution of Wealth

Figueres is not alone. Another high-level UN official had comments of his own about the stealth agenda behind climate alarmism. If you’re among those who believe climate alarmists when they tell you all they’re trying to do is save the planet, what Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer had to say will leave your jaw on the floor. In a Nov. 14, 2010 interview with Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Edenhofer, co-chair of the UN IPCC’s Working Group III, made this stunning admission:

One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. [What we’re doing] has almost nothing to do with the climate. We must state clearly that we use climate policy to [re]distribute de facto the world’s wealth.  

On the same date, Edenhofer added this: 

Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with protecting the environment. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which [re]distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.

Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer, one of the UN’s top climate officials, effectively admitted that the organization’s public position on climate change is a hoax. The same admission was made in July 2019 by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, who told governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) that the Green New Deal is not about saving the planet:

It wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.

In other words, the intent of the Green New Deal is to use climate alarmism as a false flag excuse for dismantling America’s capitalist economy.

Figueres, Edenhofer and Chakrabarti aren’t the only high profile communists to recognize the effectiveness of using environmental hysteria

Figueres, Edenhofer and Chakrabarti aren’t the only high profile communists to recognize the effectiveness of using environmental hysteria as a fig leaf to hide their true intent. In 1996, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev advocated using climate fear to incite a global communist revolution:

The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.

The “new world order” to which he referred is global governance under the banner of the hammer and sickle. For global governance to happen, America’s sovereignty must be ceded to the UN, an organization infested from top to bottom with revolutionary Marxists hell-bent on disemboweling western civilization.

Powerful globalists in this country feel it’s not fair that billions of people in the world sleep on the ground in mud huts, while Americans sleep on soft mattresses in air-conditioned comfort. The progressive elites who feel that way also believe that America’s wealth must therefore be “shared” to an unprecedented extent with poor nations of the world. Global wealth redistribution is the foremost tenet of communism, and those who advocate it are by definition communists, whether they are open about it or not.

They’re coming for your liberty

The stunning pronouncements by Figueres and Edenhofer are all the evidence a rational mind needs to conclude that climate alarmism is being used as a Trojan horse to justify the stratospheric new carbon taxes clamored for by progressive elites like Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, not one of whom has ever denounced the profoundly anti-American sentiments of two of the UN’s top climate officials.

The words of one of those officials revealed that such taxes would be used not for environmental healing, but to fund the most massive redistribution of wealth in history, literally trillions of dollars extracted under false pretenses from hard-working U.S. taxpayers, and handed over to corrupt governments of every undeveloped nation on earth, all in the guise of “climate aid.”

Progressives in high places are attempting the largest heist in human history, a collusion to plunder unprecedented sums from taxpayers of the world’s largest capitalist nation. Why? To implement on a global scale the mandate set forth in The Communist Manifesto: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Outraged that President Trump dealt their plan to redistribute America’s wealth a setback when he withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords, the high profile socialists who preach climate fear would have you believe they’re nothing more than environmentally-concerned citizens who would never even dream of participating in a subversive attempt to quietly turn their country communist. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have deceived to you, and now you know it.

No intelligent person can fail to see that the modern Democratic Party is using climate alarmism as a ruse to help culminate Barack Obama’s vow to fundamentally transform the United States of America. But because political egos are loathe to admit they’ve been duped, many patriotic Democrats will continue allowing themselves to be led like sheep into the closing noose of the hammer and sickle. By the time they realize what happened, it will be too late.

Color Revolutions are Not About Color 

All lives matter in Trump’s constitutional America. Only elite lives matter in the 2020 radical leftist Democrat party.

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 11, 2020

Color Revolutions are Not About Color 

Color revolution is a known tactical CIA operation that uses a seemingly spontaneous act as the precipitating event to destabilize a country and effect regime change. Color revolution is what is happening in America, and its front line soldiers are Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

America’s Own Color Revolution,” a June 29, 2020, Geopolitics article explains how “Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are being used as a battering ram to not only topple a U.S. President, but in the process, the very structures of the U.S. Constitutional order.”

The organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not about black lives. BLM is a Marxist organization disguised as a civil rights organization. Instead of improving race relations, BLM exploits racial tensions to collapse America from within and replace our constitutional republic with socialism/communism. BLM is the ultimate humanitarian hoax being perpetrated on unsuspecting Americans who still believe that BLM cares about black lives. They don’t.

Marxism, socialism, and communism

Marxism, socialism, and communism are often used interchangeably, but Sandra Campbell clarifies the differences and shows how each builds on the other. “Marxism is the theoretical framework which lays the foundation for the economic and political philosophies of socialism and communism.” Communism is the end game. . . . Karl Marx argued that capitalism, with its strict adherence to free market principles, divided people because of competition. He believed communism was the solution.”

The failure of Karl Marx’s experiment is that in the real world, socialism and communism create the same centralized government with the same tyrannical, binary feudal structure of rulers and ruled. Globalism is centralized government on an internationalized planetary scale.

Now, back to race in America. Of course black lives matter – all lives matter in the United States of America! The foundation of life in the USA is that we all matter – all of us – white, black, blue, red, yellow, young, old, thin, fat, gay, straight, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, etc., etc. etc.

Our founding fathers rejected the tyranny of the aristocratic attitude that puts monarchs, emperors, oligarchs, caliphs, political elites, Hollywood glitterati, professional athletes, etc., etc. above the people. Ideologically, our founding fathers rejected the oppressive construct of rulers and ruled. Instead, they created a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our forefathers rejected the tyranny of elitism, and embraced the individual freedom and upward mobility of the people. They dreamed the American dream – the opposite of the ruler and ruled nightmare of Marxist socialism, communism, Islamism, and globalism.

Our founding fathers fought for our freedom from the British monarchy and prevailing social pyramid of the few privileged elite at the top ruling their enslaved subjects below. The American War of Independence replaced the binary socio-political structure of feudalism with a threefold system that embraces an upwardly mobile middle class. Our forefathers dreamed a more perfect union of inclusion.

The United States of America is the greatest experiment in individual freedom the world has ever known. “Only in America” is the phrase that captures the possibilities of freedom. For 232 years, United States Presidents tried various methods to achieve the American dream of equal opportunity and upward mobility. Then came Barack Hussein Obama, the anti-American president who tried to fundamentally transform America and kill the American dream.

What’s wrong with socialism?

Barack Obama was the most divisive president in U.S. history. His promise to fundamentally transform the United States was the insidious effort to destroy the American dream, and replace our decentralized constitutional republic with the centralized government of socialism.

What’s wrong with socialism?

The problem with socialism, communism, Islamism, and globalism, is that NO LIVES MATTER except the lives of the ruling elite! Citizens’ individual rights and freedoms are forfeited to the state. The individual is not valued in collectivism, only the state and what the state deceitfully labels “the greater good” matters.

Obama’s eight anti-American presidential years were devoted to weakening the country. Obama’s four anti-American post-presidential years were dedicated to overthrowing duly elected America-first President Donald Trump. Obama marketed his Marxist movement as “resistance.” Obama’s resistance movement is ideologically aligned with Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

BLM and Antifa are Marxist communist organizations leading the color revolution in America, attempting to destabilize the country and effect regime change. Out with America-first President Donald Trump, and in with communist China’s puppet, Beijing Joe Biden.

Let’s connect the dots and examine the picture that emerges. Follow the money – always follow the money.

John Haywood’s June 11, 2020, Breitbart article, “The Complex Funding and Ideology of Black Lives Matter,” is very informative. Despite BLM’s attempt to present itself as a grassroots, humanitarian, civil rights organization, it is heavily funded by radical leftist corporate sponsors pushing Obama’s anti-American Marxist agenda:

BLM’s major financial supporters

BLM’s major financial supporters include:

  • Airbnb – $500,000 to BLM and the NAACP
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills fashions – $1 million pledged, $100,000 donated so far to groups including BLM
  • Bad Robot Productions – film studio involved in Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mission Impossible, $10 million pledged to “anti-racist” groups. BLM among the first recipients
  • BTS, a Korean pop group – $1 million, matching donations from fans
  • Cisco, electronics giant – $5 million to groups including BLM and its own Fighting Racism and Discrimination fund
  • DECIEM cosmetics – $100,000 to NAACP and BLM
  • Democracy Alliance – another Soros-linked group, added BLM to its annual $500 million donor list
  • Door Dash – food delivery company, $500,000
  • Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy – Left-wing groups that established a $100 million donor fund
  • George Soros’ Open Society Foundation – $33 million
  • Glossier cosmetics – $500,000
  • Pokemon Company – owners of the popular card game and its characters, $100,000
  • Scopely – mobile phone game developer, $1 million to BLM, NAACP, and Equal Justice Initiative
  • Spanx – undergarment manufacturer, $100,000 to groups including BLM
  • Square Enix computer games – $250,000 to BLM, also matching employee donations
  • Ubisoft computer games – $100,000 to NAACP and BLM
  • The Weeknd – Canadian R&B singer, $250,000

This brings us to public enemy #1, the king of radical leftist Democrats, humanitarian huckster extraordinaire, George Soros—the principal funder of Antifa and BLM through his Open Society Foundation. Antifa and BLM should both be designated as domestic terrorist organizations. Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kirk says, “The FBI should investigate to see who’s doing this. Who’s behind these groups? Because when you look up the definition of terrorism – threats, intimidation, and extreme violence or violence for political reasons – that’s what these people are doing. . . .These aren’t protesters. These people are paid radical left-wing anarchists that come to instigate and engage in extreme violence, arson, and looting.”

Unholy alliance of America’s enemies including Marxists, leftists, socialists, globalists, Islamists, and communists

Lew Rockwell’s June 21, 2020 video, “The Soros 2020 Color Revolution Explained,” is very instructive:

“They [Antifa and BLM] are created to disrupt and to continue the sowing of division. And in connected news earlier this year, Mr. Soros has launched his open societies University Network with a $1 billion gift and he will thus continue to help mold the thoughts of young people in the increasingly stifled halls of academia worldwide long after his death. While there is much back and forth, as to whether Mr. Soros has paid out of pocket for the mysterious flats of bricks conveniently left for looters and rioters to use in the recent round of violence, arson, looting and murder, it doesn’t really matter.

“He has for decades helped build the infrastructure, the organization, and the command-and-control that can immediately be fielded, once a single case of police brutality is caught on video and within a few days, have cities put to the torch with elected government officials bending the knee to violent mobs while the corporate mainstream media cheers it all on from the sidelines.”

Why are these corporate sponsors and radical leftist organizations so eager to support Antifa and BLM? Color revolutions and war on America are expensive, and the corporations who rely on cheap Chinese communist labor to manufacture their goods need Trump OUT.

America-first President Donald. J. Trump is the existential enemy of globalism, socialism, Islamism, and communism. He is committed to Americanism, American sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution, and the American dream. The enemies of America must remove America-first President Donald Trump in order to fundamentally transform America into socialism and then communism.

BLM and Antifa soldiers need money and materials to launch the next phase of their Marxist revolution after President Trump is reelected – armed insurrection. Marxist leader Angela Davis warned in a Vanity Fair interview that, “the violent BLM and Antifa protests across the country are the early stages of a far larger far-left ‘revolution.’” Then what happens?

Then the unholy alliance of America’s enemies including Marxists, leftists, socialists, globalists, Islamists, and communists will battle each other for dominance, unless they are denied ascendancy in November 2020. VOTER BEWARE!

All lives matter in Trump’s constitutional America. Only elite lives matter in the 2020 radical leftist Democrat party.

Trump Will Be Reelected In A Landslide, But Then…

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum – If you desire peace, prepare for war

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 10, 2020

We are hounded daily that war is peace. Rioters and arsonists are peaceful protesters. Freedom is slavery. Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic. Face masks are for our health. We should trust the media. Ignorance is strength. The Marxist-styled-governance and draconian policies of Democratic politicians in America today can easily be found in the writings of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and in George Orwell’s “1984”.

Here is a video of ‘Largely Peaceful Protesters’ – Biden Supporter

#WhiteHouseSiege in Lafayette Square, Washington, DC

A 50-day #WhiteHouseSiege in Lafayette Square, Washington, DC is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 17th, for the main purpose of ramping up the visual anarchy and unrest in our Nation’s Capital, for all the world to witness, as the 2020 presidential election grows closer. But, ostensibly, it is more about getting people used to the concept that President Trump plans to ‘steal’ the election, which is a well-known Alinsky tactic of ‘accusing the other side of what you are, in fact, doing’.

Pursuant to Orwell’s ‘1984’ they apply the ‘Ministry of Truth’ to rewrite historical records to conform to the state’s ever-changing version of what is true and what is not—broadcasted 24/7 to an ignorant populous by a complicit, propaganda-driven-media. It becomes nearly impossible for righteous men to argue against their pompous-high-ground-truisms such as, “We would rather be morally correct than factually correct.”

One thing that is ‘factually correct’ is that more of us are coming to realize Covid-19 is a media-hyped pandemic created solely for political purposes. The coronavirus is a scam—a swindle. It is high time we come to understand that we are in the midst of a global crime of horrific proportions. According to the New World Order planners, stated in a Rockefeller Foundation report, a global pandemic must result in increased controls, where people will gladly surrender their freedoms in order to feel safe.

The Democrats used Covid-19 as a double-edged sword by first taking a sledge hammer to Trump’s MAGA economy, and then used the quarantines, face masks, and social distancing to generate enough pent-up anger amongst the people, after being locked down for three-four months, to easily justify the next phase of their assault. And so, waiting in the wings for the scripted-director’s-call to center stage, came Black Lives Matter and Antifa to create the crucial violence in the streets, where their lawless anarchy was purposely staged to divide and separate the races, identifying all whites as racist, as stipulated in the 1619 project.

BLM movement stirred the demands for reparations and violence against their abstract white racism

The BLM movement stirred the demands for reparations and violence against their abstract white racism, which became acceptable and, therefore, impossible for the Democrats to stop the violence. And, for this reason, in the demented minds of the Democrats, having planned these actions will, therefore, not arrest or make any negative allegations against the out-of-control-mobs. In the eyes of the cultural Marxist BLM, police and their enforcement of laws are seen as white privilege, which in turn becomes white racism, concluding that the white man’s laws are in the way of true justice. Meanwhile, working or middle-class white Americans have been threatened into a near deafening silence.

And so, with the Democrat’s planned insurrection and treason running in the background, we work our way cautiously toward the November 3rd presidential election, where massive chaos and mayhem will rule the day. And, on that day, there are many who believe President Donald Trump will easily be reelected in a landslide, in what some are referring to as a ‘Red Mirage’. And, therefore, under normal circumstances, President Trump would, on that very night, claim victory.

But, because this Election Night will be anything but under-normal-circumstances, we come to the aforementioned, But Then…

Firstly, the Democrats, the Never-Trump-Republicans, along with all of Washington’s bureaucratic-Obama-loyalists, find themselves again in a most desperate position knowing that the polls with Joe Biden in the lead are fake and know that it will be a physical impossibility for Biden to win—legitimately that is… And, therefore, any and all, even deadly tactics, will be acceptably in-play to make Joe Biden their new president-elect.

Meanwhile, their slow-thinking-candidate, Joe Biden, who absentmindedly included in a recent speech the type written words, “End of Quote” from his teleprompter, has been told by his handlers, ‘You will not concede the election under any circumstances—got it Joe?’

80 million mail-in ballots have been sent out

Which brings us to the reason why all demonic democratic governors have demanded mail-in ballots, which have absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19 safety.  No, mail-in ballots are being used in almost all democratic states for the sole purpose of controlling the outcome, aka: stealing, the presidential election. PERIOD!

Historically, a large percentage of Republicans will vote in person while, just like clockwork, an even larger percentage of fearful-Covid-minded-Democrats, will vote by mail-in ballots. In his Labor Day speech, President Trump said that nearly 80 million mail-in ballots have been sent out, making this the largest magnitude of mail-in ballots ever tried in any country before.

Although all states permit mail-in ballots to be received/date-stamped before Election Day, no ballot cast/received/date stamped after November 3rd can be considered constitutionally valid. Which also implies that counting harvested, or un-postmarked ballots, that arrive (un-date-stamped) or are suddenly found after Election Day, would also be unconstitutional.

The question becomes: At the typical polling place, there is a curtain or screen for the purpose of making each vote confidential or giving each the right to a secret ballot, but we lose that right of confidentially where another person opens our mail-in ballot with our name and will know for whom each of us voted, and then potentially posting our names and vote onto a list—which is wrong and should be entirely illegal.

But, even if all mail-in ballots were to be considered completely legit if received before Election Day, there are three swing states—Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—where no mail-in vote can be counted until after the polls close on Election Day, which based on the potential volume, could take days/weeks to count and certify. A quick look at the mail-in ballot requests of just one of these states may give you even more indigestion.

Will this massive mail-in vote cheating scheme by the Democrats work?

In just the state of Pennsylvania, Democrats have so far requested over 900,000 mail-in ballots, while the Republicans have asked for only 350,000, giving the Dems a 39% advantage. It has been said that both political parties will cheat—the Democrats are just better at it. And, therefore, there will be an untold number of ways in which the better-at-it-Democrats plan to ‘count’ the mail-in vote of this entirely-eccentric-election.

And, as if by design, even after all the mail-in ballots are counted, half the country will not accept the results, leading to a contested election in order to fuel a massive coup attempt, already in play by the ongoing #White House Siege. The violence in the lead up to the election will only become more amplified. Attacks by the BLM on whites will escalate as they are continually encouraged by the likes of Pelosi, Harris, Obama, and others to strike out at anyone who resists them.

So, where does this leave us? In a civil war? No! Not even close. Will this massive mail-in vote cheating scheme by the Democrats work? Doubtfully! But, will President Trump accept their fraudulent results? No! Never! We must keep in mind that Donald J. Trump is a street-fighter and he will not go down or leave the office without using every legal option and power of the Presidency to prove their fraudulent counts/results.

Trump supporters, however, need to realize the danger, always mindful of situational awareness of their surroundings and be prepared to act accordingly. But, know this too will eventually pass.

You, and your prayers to the Good Lord, are the only ones who can stop the Democrats. You must commit now to do whatever you can (work phone banks, go door-to-door, call your state GOP office to volunteer) to make sure that President Trump is reelected by such a wide majority that Biden will be forced to concede. It will not be easy. Roll up your sleeves. Get to work. Plan to survive and we will. And, with your help, America will not only survive but courageously push through to the other side, where once again we will be One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum – If you desire peace, prepare for war.

War – Civil Unrest – Chaos

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong

If Trump is to WIN the election, we “should” see a rally to 2022 which then should be a high. As mentioned by you there could be a assassination attempt on Trump, if so will they blame it on China and hence start of a hot war? If i recall correctly the war cycle is coming right up also, therefore this war cycle can be more than just a domestic civil unrest but a possible world war? Given that I am in Hong Kong any war between the US and China will very likely be close to China’s shore, not exactly the place one wants to be during the fight of the titans. Are any of your models showing where one can escape this madness? Thailand used to be high on the list, but the covid hoax has completely destroyed Thailand’s economy and giving rise to civil unrest is rising there also hence it doesn’t look like a good place to flee anymore.

Any advice will strongly be appreciated



ANSWER: Thailand destroyed its economy listening to the WHO and this COVID hoax. Out of 69 million people, the total number of cases was 3,447 with 3,286 recoveries, and only 58 deaths. What a difference it makes when you do not pay the hospitals more for COVID cases. The destruction of their economy is absurd. The rising civil unrest is to be expected. Thailand should never have listened to the Gates conspiracy.

That said, international war is not now. The rising civil unrest increases the tensions and then politicians point to external forces. That is how international war begins. We are over the old days of empire building and wars of conquest. Today, international war makes no sense. Nobody wants to occupy another’s land. This is a dangerous phase of simple raw retribution. Therefore, it is post-2022. The US share market can still decline into 2022 even with a Trump VICTORY depending on the year-end closings, because the civil unrest will rise. This is really a global coup to adopt Marxism once again. This is also one reason it will not fly in China or Russia — been there, done that.

Have Gates & Crew Crossed the Line

COMMENT: Here in Palm Beach County Florida, I am beginning to see the sheeple waking up. Friends and neighbors who were in denial or ignorant are expressing their realizations about what they thought was evil is good and visa versa. An old friend and neighbor in total denial even said, “I am waking up!” Now everything is starting to make sense to these people; even though what they see is evil and not pleasant to see but it is good to begin to see & know the truth.

Thank God!


ANSWER: There are a lot of emails starting to come in expressing the same trend that the sheep are starting to wake up. Gates and crew have really created the decline of Western Culture. They have crossed the line I honestly believe they will go down in history as one of the worst usurpers in history.

Labor Day Fun with Lunch bucket Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton lost several rust belt states and the election because she took the working class vote for granted. Joe Biden is setting himself up to repeat her mistake.

“Lunch-bucket Joe” thinks he can win middle class votes by taking away their jobs in the energy industry. He hates coal and fracking. He thinks workers will magically have new jobs produced by the Green New Deal, but he can’t exactly say what those jobs will be. Perhaps there will be a need for workers to watch ugly windmills twirl around? Solar farms that will produce electricity for all the Tesla cars the workers can’t afford? Cold fusion?

Joe could be facing a lot of trouble in Pennsylvania in particular. It’s a key state that provided a lot of new jobs by means of fracking and a natural gas Renaissance. Biden claims to be for fracking and against it at the same time. Which side is he really on?

He’s on the side of the big, globalist corporations. He’s on the side of graft and lining the pockets of his own family—especially his son, Hunter. The Democratic Party no longer represents the middle class working man. They represent the big banks, big mainstream media, big corporations, big corruption, and globalism. Biden represents China more than the American laborer.

—Ben Garrison

Germany Admits There Never Has Been an Epidemiological Emergency!


Our computer has a full database of diseases and works out the cyclical nature. The annual flu shot is developed on a cyclical basis assuming the strain will mutate annually. There was NEVER any indication in our models that called for a major pandemic at this time. I have stated that such a risk does not appear to be until 2022.

That background has been why I have been skeptical about this virus which just did not appear to be (1) a natural event or (2) a greatly exaggerated event to create a false flag. The Reichstag Fire of February 27th, 2020 was created by Hitler to suspend the constitution using fear and to seize power in the elections 6 days later. Fear is the tool by which all tyranny seizes power and this COVID-19 has all the hallmarks of being a false flag.

The CDC has come out and said that more people have died from suicides than COVID. The social media is scrubbing posts which have been quoting the CDC than only 6% of the reports of the deaths were from only COVID – less than 10,000. That same report confirmed that less than 15,000 people died under the age of 55. The Germany Minister of Health admitted that the lockdowns were a mistake. Now the data on the COVID situation and mortality in Germany have surfaced showing that there has “apparently never been an epidemiological emergency.”

It is time that we demand an investigation that is REAL and we expose those who have been orchestrating this false flag to force their Climate Change agenda on the world.

A Trump Landslide Victory Will Be Cancelled By Democrats

Meanwhile, the fix is in, and in the scandal mix, the same people who kill babies will accuse Trump of eating them

Judi McLeod image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 6, 2020


A Trump Landslide Victory Will Be Cancelled By Democrats

President Donald Trump’s 2020 landslide victory on Election Day will be promptly cancelled by the Democrats.

They’ll say it didn’t happen, and if anyone does, they’ll be suppressed by mainstream and social media, not only silenced but totally ignored.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to vote the Biden-Harris ticket, because the Democrats will do it for you.

The campaign?  An outlandish new Trump scandal every day, each one more salacious than the last

Even before ballots of both the mail-in and in-person kind can be counted, the Democrats are convinced that they have already won the Election.

The Democrats and their media surrogates retain tight control of two forces keeping the masses diverted—the Coronavirus, of which a second surge can be expected any day and the looting, rioting and bloodshed in Blue cities like Portland, now in in its 100th day.

The campaign?  An outlandish new Trump scandal every day, each one more salacious than the last, and presidential debates, best described as Cable Television Theatre.

Last time out it was DNC Chair Donna Brazile who gave presidential debate questions to Hillary Clinton before debate night.  The same Brazile is now a Fox News ever on-the-rant ‘contributor. This time, it will be Chris Wallace lobbing softball questions at Biden in trying to lay the Trump corpse on public view.

The latest made-to-order scandal accuses the troop-loving Trump of calling soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their country, “suckers” and “losers”.

The latest Atlantic magazine scandal, was promoted by Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin,  and backed by multiple Fox News personnel none of whom mentioned that Atlantic majority stakeholder Laurene Powell Jobs paid $610,600 to the Biden campaign in the second quarter.

“In an appearance on Cavuto Live Saturday, Griffin defended her reporting: “My sources are not anonymous to me and I doubt they are anonymous to the president,” Griffin told Neil Cavuto. “I can tell you that my sources are unimpeachable.” (Forbes, Sept. 5, 2020)


According to most media Trump—and not the Democrats—is trying to undermine the public’s confidence in the election

“Cavuto noted that “you are a very good reporter—and then some. Jennifer Griffin following the story here. She’s pretty scrupulous when it comes to making sure all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.”

“Fox News’ Bret Baier said Griffin “is a great reporter and a total class act,” and FNC’s Trey Yingst said of Griffin, “she embodies what the industry is built upon. Truth and accountability.”

Polls—some of them conducted by Fox News—claim that is a given that Trump trails Biden nationally.

According to most media Trump—and not the Democrats—is trying to undermine the public’s confidence in the election.

“The top election officials in many of the key states that could decide the election are Democrats. (Bloomberg, Sept. 5, 2020)

“He (Trump) falsely claims that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud and that the election will be rigged against him.

“This has led Democrats to worry about a scenario where Trump is ahead in the election-night count from in-person voters and declares himself the winner before all outstanding mail-in ballots are tallied.”

Should Trump declare himself the winner, the Democrats hope to send in the military to remove him.

Lost in the madness of counting the votes is that there will be no in-person votes if polling booths are shut down.

Scandals will be streaming down the pike, day by day

“…It will be up to the secretaries of state to preside over the counting of mail-in votes and certify the final outcomes, a process that could take days or weeks. These relatively anonymous state officials could prove a bulwark for Biden as they cope with what is expected to be an unprecedented surge in mail-in ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Bloomberg)

“They will also be on the front lines in countering any claims by Trump or his allies that the election is somehow rigged.

“It will be all hands on deck, but defending election results will definitely start with secretaries of state as the chief election officer,” said Alex Padilla, a Democrat who was elected to serve as California’s secretary of state.

“Karen Brinson Bell, the executive director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections tangled with Trump just this week. Brinson, who was appointed by a Democratic-controlled board, on Thursday warned voters that “it is illegal to vote twice in an election” after Trump encouraged people who mail in their ballots for the November election to also go to the polls on Election Day.

“These mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it,” Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday evening, speaking about Democrats and suggesting they could manipulate mail-in voting. “The only way they’re going to beat us is by doing that kind of stuff.”

Meanwhile, the fix is in, and in the scandal mix, the same people who kill babies will accuse Trump of eating them.

It and other scandals will be streaming down the pike, day by day.