Play Time is Over

Time to take the gloves off.  Play time is over, it’s time for the adults to step in

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Jim ONeill —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 30, 2020

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.Sir Winston Churchill

It is our life.  It is our country.  This is the time in our country’s history where if we don’t get this right our country is done.  It will be over.  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Those guilty of treason against the United States have been allowed to waltz free

The American people must demand that the President stay in office until this is cleared up.  Because it’s treason, it’s a coup d’état, against the government of the United States, and we cannot accept that …They are guilty of treason.Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

Claire Wolfe famously stated some time ago that “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”  Is it still too early to shoot the bastards?  I am increasingly of the opinion that it is not too early, in fact it is probably past time.

Those guilty of treason against the United States have been allowed to waltz free as birds while provably guilty as sin.  The laws of the US have been treated as a jokeeven by some judges.  We the People are fed up with these arrogant miscreants thumbing their noses at us

It gets worse, never better.  Gen. Flynn was set up like a bowling pin, and framed by the FBI.  Some of the very same individuals involved in the Flynn frameup are now being considered for faux president-elect Biden’s administration.  

Everyone in the federal government—from the President on down—takes an oath to defend the US Constitution from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  The same goes for members of the US military.  “The oath of enlistment should not be taken lightly, you will be bound by it….”  

We have had a front row seats to the recent massive election fraud

Of course, President Trump is bound by an oath as well:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

We the People have had front row seats to the recent massive election fraud.  If that fraud is not a direct and blatant threat to the integrity of the US Constitution, then I don’t know what is.  Millions of us are sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution.  We are accountable, we are responsible.  

In the same vein as trickle-down-economics, perhaps things should start at the top.  President Trump, do you believe that your oath of office demands that you protect the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic?  Do you believe that the stealing of a US presidential election is a direct and grievous assault on our Constitution?  If so, what are you going to do about it?  What are we going to do about it?  Time to take the gloves off.  Play time is over, it’s time for the adults to step in. 

‘Seven Days in May’ was precursor of several days in November

Their hatred of Trump is also deep and based on fictional posits, they are those who are best cast today as the conspirators in the redux of the mid-60s movie entitled “Seven Days in May,” now showing as live drama during Several in November

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Lee Cary — Bio and ArchivesNovember 29, 2020

The banner above is a screen shot from the theatrical trailer for a 1964 movie entitled “Seven Days in May”.  The trailer is only 3:42 minutes long. Watching it will help read what follows.

Based on your age, you may not know of the film or its stars.  Kirk Douglas, who starred in the movie, died on February 5,  2020 at 103 years old. You’re likely more familiar with his son, Michael Douglas.

Attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government

Other stars in the film include names many of your parents and grandparents will recognize: Burt Lancaster, Fredric March, Ava Gardner, and Edmund O’Brien.  They hark back to the era when Hollywood Stars more often acted vertically, than horizontally.

It’s about an attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government initiated by those perceived as the radical “Right” at the time.  Their literal poster boy, Barry Goldwater, a GOP candidate for President, was hated by the Progressives then, and still is now.

The short trailer is a condensed and accurate summary of the movie’s narrative.

Current events surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election are a redux of the 1964 story, but the curve of the current narrative arc is the reverse of that in the movie.


It’s not the Right that threatens the Presidency, as in the movie; it’s the Left.

It’s not elements of the U.S. military that have targeted the President; it’s the Democratic Party.

It’s not a small cabal that includes Generals, an Admiral, and conservative talk show personalities that conspire to overthrow a President.  It about how an election was programmed for theft by today’s political Left and its unelected allies. 

“Seven Days in May” came shortly before a liberal, progressive, Democrat President named Lyndon Johnson tripled down on U.S. involvement in a Southeast Asian war. An involvement that ended a decade later in—any way you cut it—a defeat.

The movie features only a few officials who remained loyal to their oath to defend the Constitution of the US against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Today’s several days in November feature those who seek to overturn the nation’s founding document.

General James Mattoon Scott (Burt Lancaster) never existed. General Michael Flynn does. They are polar opposite in film fiction and in real life. 
All the essential elements for a non-violent coup surfaced in this fifty-six-year-old movie.

Hubris. Secret meetings to plan the overthrow. Co-conspirators and code words like ECOMCON, which in the movie stood for Emergency Communications Control – precursors of the techies who programmed the 2020 voting machines that gave Biden the magic votes in the dead of night.

In the movie, President Jordon Layman (Fredric March) has only a few close allies.  They include a U.S. Senator with a southern accent, Edmund O’Brien plays Democrat Senator Ray Clark.  He’ necessarily a Democrat because there no Republican Senators from the South back then—to my recollection.

In the movie, a Marine Colonel (Kirk Douglas), takes seriously his oath to the U.S. Constitution. He is key to exposing the plot led by commanding officer, General Scott. 

I remember the mood currents moving in America when the movie hit the theaters.  It was close on the heels of the assassination of JFK, when the media blamed the conservative “Right,” even though Oswald was hardcore “Left”. 

The City of Dallas was vilified by the three-letter-acronym news outlets ensconced in the Northeast corridor, as being complicit in Kennedy’s death. But it was fake news.  JFK was warmly greeted by the people of Dallas.  No protests—no ugly signs. The networks contrived the meme from their inherent hatred of conservatives. They were good at doing that, even back then.

And because their hatred of Trump is also deep and based on fictional posits, they are those who are best cast today as the conspirators in the redux of the mid-60s movie entitled “Seven Days in May,” now showing as live drama during Several Days in November 2020.

UPDATE: CTH 2.0 Site Challenges on Launch – Apologies to Readers and Users…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house 2.0 on November 30, 2020 by Sundance

“Glitches” seems like an easy catch-phrase to explain encountered problems in the world of technology; but “glitches” doesn’t reconcile the real human frustration people encounter when they engage with a system that is experiencing a rather unique challenge.

I won’t say we are experiencing a glitch…. CTH 2.0 is experiencing a challenge that has actual emotional consequences…  Here’s the issue in as much non-technical wording as I can muster.

SIDEBAR: For other websites with considerable scale, and considering the deplatforming issue underway, this might also serve as a guide.  Additionally, for site users in any website this might explain some background decision-making on commenting functions that is often left unsaid outside of closed-door meetings.

First, my sincere apologies for the trouble everyone had, and is having, as we launched CTH 2.0 with new host servers.  As you know, our commenting community is our #1 priority and we have years of relationship and trust together.  The challenge before us today is considerable.

When we were told we had to leave WordPress/Automattic platform it was important to us to retain the entire site library that includes over 56,000 published articles and over 7.2 million comments.

Some articles carry up to several hundred citations and the average amount of content within the 7.2 million comment file alone exceeds 40 million lines of metadata.

All of that CTH data took approximately 60 hours to export and transfer (import) to a new site and eventually new host servers. The data was first uploaded to a test site to gauge the scale of data and time.  After that initial transfer timeline was determined the data was then imported to new host servers, CTH and CTH 2.0 were mirrored, and fully migrated away from WordPress/Automattic servers.

The CTH 2.0 site was reviewed, some adjustments made to ensure user friendly systems were carried over, and we were ready to switch the site. That is called a DNS switchover.

As the domain name shifts from WordPress/Automattic to our new platform host the worldwide system of interconnected data networks needs to identify and promulgate searches for “TheConservativeTreehouse.Com” with the new site destination, the new servers.  This process takes place in every country around the world, each with a different refresh rate for DNS activation.

At approximately 7:30pm ET last evening that process was initiated.  CTH search results switched from final destinations at WordPress/Automattic servers to our new server host.

Regionally as each Internet Service Provider (ISP) updated it’s DNS mapping, users were directed to new CTH servers.  CTH 2.0 slowly showed up in every city, state and town as the regions came on-line with updated directories.  The process executed as expected.

We anticipated a significant data pull from initial users that would hit the server network, so we purchased a secondary “cache” service, Cloudfare, to help offset the scale of the data load by hosting the static or older library files.  It’s a weird system but the data starts to promulgate two data-systems simultaneously.  The load on the servers is offset by the ability of CloudFare to host and direct users to older content.

However, in the change to new servers there is no pre-existing room of old “cached” files that don’t need to be responsive to the user.  The entire CTH archive library is essentially being pulled from the Host Servers as the promulgation continues and a new set of cache files is being created that will eventually take some of the load away.

Depending on the library size – for the first 24 hours the new servers are carrying all the load and the data capacity is stressed.  The server host anticipates this heavy load and has a system in place called “autoscale” that activates to allow more server capacity during the DNS switch.

That is one initial load on the servers that improves in time.  Time allows the servers to fully promulgate and get better at working with secondary cache services who take some of the burden.  But in the first hours all of the data load is on the host server.

The secondary issue is where our problem rests.  As each provider gained access to and directed customers to the new servers, many of the inbound users, our community, started commenting.  The scale of our community is significant, we are proud of it.

The CTH 2.0 site content was promulgating new pathways (the DNS changeover) at the same time users started to engage with it.  The cache service was also promulgating. However, the commenting function is a live-time engagement, so the secondary “cache” host doesn’t interact at all with the commenting data-load.

When you write a comment it creates a metadata file. Each comment is a unique url.  Your unique id is part of that metadata, your gravatar or avatar is part of that metadata, the content of your comment (what you write) is part of that metadata and any article links, citations, pictures, gifs, or tweets -each carrying a unique url- is part of that metadata.

The average number of lines of unique metadata in one comment is six to ten lines of code, regardless of the length of your comment.  Your comment creates a mini data-file with its own unique id (the url).  The library of pre-existing comments is 7.2 million.  Multiply that by the lines of metadata and you get well over 40 million lines of code in the pre-existing comment file alone.

♦ Here’s the issue. Whenever you write a unique comment the pre-existing library is searched by a software program to match you to your commenting history.  This avoids duplication (if you hit send/submit more than once), and it also looks for spam or bot signatures.

Because we are using new servers the library of 7.2 million comments (each with 6 to 10 lines of metadata) has to be searched by the same software built into the system to avoid comment duplication.  In essence as you hit submit/send the search goes through the entire library of 40 million lines of metadata looking for your unique id and then responds back to allow the comment to go through.

With only a few people reaching the site it’s not a problem.  However as more and more people are both drawing from the host library of posted content; and simultaneously writing comments that have to go through searching 40 million lines of metadata; the servers get overloaded.

Put 1,000 people on the site at the same time and you get 1,000 x 40,000,000 lines of metadata being searched and queried at the same time.

With one thousand users the servers are trying to: (1) return library results on 11 years of archived posts; and (2) search through 40 billion lines of comment metadata and respond simultaneously.  That’s the data load for 1,000 users.

[On an average day at CTH we hold 25k users/hr simultaneously and a peak avg around 35k to 50 thousand around 9pm ET.]

Last night, typical for CTH, as word spread we had 30,000 simultaneous users return to the website.  Do the math: 30,000 users x 40 million lines of metadata in the comment library search and the servers overloaded…. “504” and “524” notifications were the result on your browser searches.

That’s what happened.

It’s not an excuse for what happened; that’s just what happened.

As the DNS promulgates more fully the servers will be less taxed on the article data retrieval and older files will shift to the cache service.  The weight of the site data will lessen as the cache can step-in, and the servers will be less taxed.  That part is not a problem.

The problem is the sheer scale of the comment library.   Every comment submitted draws a search amid 40 million lines of metadata.   Over time that will also improve, but the comment library is going to take much longer to promulgate; and it doesn’t help that Google search engines are simultaneously crawling through the entire site, including the totality of the comment library, to re-index their search results by pulling data from the new site servers.

One quick solution from the engineering side was to just get rid of every comment older than 90 days so the comment library shrinks to a manageable searchable size.

Another solution to regain the site was to shut down commenting again thereby stopping the search function associated with each unique user posting a comment.

The latter approach would buy time to find another solution that might avoid deleting the comment library.  That is the approach we have chosen right now.  We didn’t really have an option.

When I was asked “why not just drop the old comments” we run into a conversation that is personal for our CTH community.

There’s a few reasons why I wanted the total import of the comment files, one of them I never wanted to discuss…. but to explain to those here today who might also just say get rid of the older comments… I need to share something very important.

Our comment library holds 11 years of prayer request threads.  It was the first function we added to this little hideout.  You may not know it but the admins and I spend a lot of time reading those prayer requests; and yes, we pray for those who write.

Those prayer requests and replies are from real people, our people, our CTH community of people and they are the source of our compass heading.   More importantly, we have lost friends who asked for prayers for themselves and/or their loved ones.  We have held the hands of those people and we have at times had no words other than just to sit still and let them know we are there.

Many of those friends left us and they are in God’s hands now.  Additionally, whether you know it or not the families left behind visit those prayer threads, read the words, and remember the voices of those who are no longer with us.   If we were to delete old comments we would be losing many of those prayer threads, and that would just be too high a price to pay.  It would feel like we were breaking a promise, I cannot do it.

So the tech team has been told deleting comments by date is not an option.  If I need to pay a service to host an archive of those prayer threads, so we can put a link to them, then that’s doable.  But we are not deleting them, period.

The tech guys are looking at other options for how to turn-on comments while at the same time lessening the burden on comment data by reducing the library.   There has to be a way to do it and that’s the challenge.

I apologize unreservedly for this issue.

I apologize that you cannot comment right now.

This issue within the launch of CTH 2.0 is entirely on me.

The tech people who worked on this massive export and import of data have done outstanding work.  I am the person who wouldn’t budge on retention and transfer of the entire CTH data library to include every comment by this community.  This 11-year labor of love will not be taken apart.

There’s a solution out there and we are sharp enough to figure it out.

Warmest love and deepest appreciation for your understanding,

~ Sundance…

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UPDATE: “Liberty One Has Landed” – DNS Server Switch Activated – Welcome to CTH 2.0

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House 2.0 on November 29, 2020 by Sundance

Liberty One to Ground Control: “New site reassembly complete” … “Activate DNS server switch” … “Transmitting new CTH 2.0 beacon” …  “Message in 3… 2… 1″….

…. “Welcome Back Everyone, We Sure Missed You Guys!

Hello everyone, we made it.  Hopefully it looks awfully familiar around here. Pull up a comfy rock, sit back around the campfire…. Lets have a talk, because it’s time to get back to business.

Clear your computer “cache and cookies”, search or use your bookmarks for CTH again, and your browser should redirect you to the correct website on brand new servers.

Hi !  Please Check-in…

A total of 69 chronologically distributed files containing massive terabytes of CTH library data (increasing exponentially by date) have been transferred.  The library is intact.

Trillions of ‘ones and naughts’ traveled through digital space in electromagnetic time and then landed thousands of miles from their point of origin…. reassembling by falling into the exact and precise sequence needed to re-emerge.  Quite remarkable.

The only thing lost was the comments during switchover from November 27 (11pm ET) to now.  All other content transferred seamlessly thanks to the incredible people who ran point on the tech transfer for the past week.   We are so very thankful.

Love to all, and a big wide smile….  Hello again.

Sunday Talks: Extensive President Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo..

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on November 29, 2020 by Sundance

Earlier this morning President Trump called-in to Sunday Morning with Maria Bartiromo to discuss a variety of key issues related to the 2020 election and the previous effort by corrupt institutional officials to remove him from office. WATCH:

Hong Kong – Do You Hear the People Sing

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Nov 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty; thank you for your post on that song Do you hear the people sing. We are also singing that here in Hong Kong. Please keep up the fight.


REPLY: That is a very moving song. It is appropriate here in the West as they are here to destroy our liberty and attempt Communism 3.0 for us while the superrich keeps their assets in order to rule over the great unwashed. People were yelling about the 1%, well now it will be the 0.005%.

Bank Stocks Taking a Nose Dive?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Nov 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

The London Financial Times reported that HSBC is considering divesting US retail banking. “Executives want to submit appropriate plans to the board in the coming weeks.” What they are concerned about is Biden taking the White House. This entire 2030 Agenda you will own nothing and be happy, is all about forgiving all debts to act as a cover for government defaults. When we look at the European STOXX600 on banks, we can see that 2020 has produced a new historic low since the major high. A year-end closing below 115 will warn that the bank stocks even in Europe will face the same outcome and a further decline in 2021 cannot be ruled out.

Government Calling out Military Against the People

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Nov 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Martin Just thought you might be interested in this article in today’s Sunday Times in the UK – our military intelligence are going to be involved to ensure that we don’t get to hear the opposing points of view with respect to vaccine safety – they really are worried that many people will think for themselves and not take these vaccines!Best wishes HS

REPLY:France has withdrawn its troops from Iraq to use the military to fight COVID. In Canada, Trudeau is also calling in the military to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution. This is not simply vaccines. They KNOW that there is rising resistance to this entire 2030 Agenda which the people have NEVER been allowed to vote to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we no longer live in a democracy. Our computer has been projecting rising civil unrest and I think that there is nobody who could have been forecasting this trend years in advance other than a computer. We will exceed more than 100 times what we saw during the 1960s over race riots and protests against Vietnam.

Make NO MISTAKE about this! Governments are calling in the military to PRETEND to be assisting with vaccines. But they are really being positioned for civil unrest which will rise to the level of revolutions in 2021 in many places. Our computer has made these projections at the beginning of this current Economic Confidence Model wave in 1985.65.

Georgia Judge Orders Voting Machines Should Not be Erased Then Reverses Himself

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 29, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

In the midst of the most corrupt election in history, a Georgia judge has ordered that the voting machine should not be erased and then reversed himself because the defendants claimed they no longer possessed the machines, they are in the custody of the county. The erasing of these machines is a desperate attempt to cover up the entire fraud. This is violating everyone’s civil rights in the entire country. These officials are deliberately allowing the cover-up to take place. If there was nothing to hide, why erase anything?

World Economic Conference 35th Year

Armstrong Economics Blog/World Economic Conference Re-Posted Nov 29, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Good morning. Well I thankfully made it to Florida yesterday in time for the conference. I thought I’d get here as soon as possible, since Pennsylvania like many other states are getting more restrictive on travel outside of the state. The day before Thanksgiving, PA announced a travel advisory with a 14 day quarantine or a negative test within 72 hours of arrival from out of state. Of course, there are exceptions to that, but didn’t want to wait around to see what else they come up with.

I’m looking forward to this conference and holding out hope that this won’t be the last one. Besides all the invaluable information I have learned after all these conferences I’ve attended, the connections I’ve made through networking are also invaluable. You really attract some quality people, the cream of the crop, as you have said before. You, your conference and clients pose a serious threat to the club’s plans and it’s something I wish to see to grow and glad to be a small part of. I hope to be able to talk with you again If I can help in any small way, I gladly will.

Hope all is well.


REPLY: Well with this virtual attendance, this is by far the largest single event perhaps in private financial history. Nigel Farage calls us the Alternative to Davos. This attendance of this year’s session will dwarf anything Schwab has put on in Davos even in the face of this outrageous censorship. I’m sure even most of his 3,000 attendees have signed up just to try to criticize whatever I say.

The cocktail party won’t be virtual.

While I lifted the cap on 25,000 virtual attendees because we had to cancel Shanghai and Frankfurt the reports going out to everyone cover the world. We have attendees from just about every country around the globe that has any capitalistic system.

While I have written the introductions around the world, this year Socrates has written all the technical sessions with charts and arrays it has articulated. This is a massive reference collection as we head into 2022 and beyond. This way, there are so many questions from around the world on every market, this way we have covered everything.