BREXIT and the Chaos Unleashed by Prime Minister May


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the UK can unilaterally cancel its withdrawal from the EU at any time and that will not be subject to a vote by other EU member states. This is a non-binding opinion that was delivered by an advocate general of the European Court of Justice. The ECJ said it will deliver its final ruling at a later date.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to release documents that would control the BREXIT deal she crafted. She lost an unprecedented three parliamentary defeats in a single day. The member of Parliament moved to hold her government in contempt. Her government said the documents would be handed over after MPs passed a historic motion finding the government in contempt of parliament for failing to previously publish the details. She said Wednesday night’s defeats made leaving the EU without a deal much more likely. She further urged colleagues to return to the deal when they voted on it next Tuesday.

The Irish border BREXIT Backstop has been a key part of the BREXIT negotiations that is about the border which separates Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The EU position is that they will ONLY approve a BREXIT deal with the UK if it includes an agreement on the Irish border whereby it becomes a hard border. They argue their standards on anything can be circumvented if there are no border checks. They effectively want a wall between the two parts of Ireland based upon different customs and regulatory regimes, not to mention TAXES!!!! All goods traveling back and forth in Ireland they are demanding border guards and checks. As always – just follow the money.

Meanwhile, a string of Conservative colleagues has urged the prime minister to change her plans for Brexit, which are due to be voted on next Tuesday, December 11th. She is facing almost certain defeat when MPs vote on the withdrawal agreement on 11th December. Under the terms of May’s deal, Northern Ireland alone could end up in a customs union with the EU under the terms of the BREXIT Backstop. Unlike anything else, if the UK signed that deal, there is no mechanism for them to ever change it. They would be surrendering right to Brussels forever!

It is interesting how the computer picked up this period for sheer chaos in the markets of Europe

Macron Blinks – French Prime Minister to Announce Suspension of “Fuel Tax”…

Breaking overnight the French government is attempting to stem the growing civil unrest by announcing they will suspend the plan to implement the upcoming fuel tax.  However, the Yellow Vest protests have grown to personify much more than a new fuel tax.

The protests have morphed into a much larger anger about the influence of a disconnected elite political class, personified by President Emmanuel Macron, over the lives of the ordinary French citizen.  The fuel tax was the last straw, the underlying issues remain.

(Via Associated Press) PARIS (AP) — French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is to announce a suspension of fuel tax hikes, a major U-turn in an effort to appease a protest movement that has radicalized, French media reported Tuesday.

Both Le Monde newspaper and France Info radio said the planned increase, which has provoked riots, will be suspended for several months. Philippe is also expected to announce other measures aimed at easing tensions, just three weeks after claiming that the government would not change course and remained determined to help wean French consumers off polluting fossils fuels.

Philippe will make an announcement later Tuesday to legislators from President Emmanuel Macron’s party. There was no immediate comment from his office Tuesday morning.

It’s unlikely Philippe’s announcement will put an end to the road blockades and demonstrations, with more possible protests this weekend in Paris.

“It’s a first step, but we will not settle for a crumb,” said Benjamin Cauchy, one of the leaders of the protests.

After a third consecutive weekend of clashes in Paris led by protesters wearing distinctive yellow traffic vests, Philippe held crisis talks with representatives of major political parties on Monday. He also met with Macron and other ministers in order to find a quick solution to the crisis.

Facing the most serious street protests since his election in May 2017, Macron has canceled a two-day trip to Serbia to stay in France this week.  (read more)

Large groups of French civil servants have joined in unity with the overall Yellow Vest movement.  A disconnected President Macron, representing the elite globalist views held by out-of-touch French politicians, is in real trouble….

French Police Remove Helmet to Support People Against Macron’s Government


The Next French Revolution – Is it Beginning?

The austerity measures of the EU are having a profound impact in Europe. In Paris of December 1st, 2018 (right on time with our volatility models for December) there was a major civil uprising, the worst France has witnessed in recent decades. Yellow Vests have converged in Paris to protest high living costs or in other words – a TAX RIOT. Rioters ran across central Paris torching cars and buildings, looting shops, smashing windows and clashing with police. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, was in Argentina for a G20 summit and said he called an emergency meeting on Sunday when he would return. Jeanne d’Hauteserre, the mayor of Paris’ 8th district, near the Arc de Triomphe, came out and told the press: “We are in a state of insurrection, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

This has followed what was billed as a violent protest two weeks before of nationwide against fuel taxes and living costs. This tax rebellion is known as the “Yellow Vest” movement after fluorescent jackets kept in all vehicles in France. Politicians simply never learn. This is not just the youth. This is the older generations as well. Revolutions come become of taxes and corruption. The famous saying of Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” was the popular slogan during the French Revolution. There is no evidence that she ever actually said those words. Still, it inspired a revolution. The “cake” was not a desert, but it was a term that referred to the crust of the pâté which was left over. It certainly seems that the EU politicians are making the very same mistake. With that callous remark that was attributed to her, the Queen of France became the most hated symbol of the decadent monarchy and fueled the revolution that would cause her to (literally) lose her head several years later.

In Paris, the police fired stun grenades, tear gas and water cannon at protesters on the tourist street known as the Champs-Elysees boulevard. The police said they had arrested almost 300 people while 110 were injured, including 20 members of the security forces. As a consequence, there are now parts of the city of Paris completely void of police as there was a shortage to defend the entire city. This has resulted in groups of masked men roaming and looting through its fanciest shopping districts, smashing the windows of designer boutiques.

We can easily be witnessing the start of the next French Revolution. Our model for civil unrest interesting turned up in France on February 18th, 2013. The year before on May 6th, 2012, François Hollande was elected as the new president of France. While he may go down as perhaps the worst president in French history, on May 5th, 2013 is when the protests in Paris began. That first protest numbered in the tens of thousands marking the rising discontent with the Socialist François Hollande after just one year in power. Even the many supporters of leftist parties expressed dissatisfaction over his handling of the economy.

Ever since the civil unrest began on May 5th, 2013, there has been a building on economic tension within France. The lack of economic growth has plagued France and Europe as a whole. The French share market peaked in 2000 and has been unable to elect ANY Yearly Bullish Reversals to date and 2018 appears to be no different for this year’s closing.

This latest series of popular rebellions erupted on November 17th, 2018 and has spread quickly via social media, with protesters blocking roads across France and impeding access to shopping malls, factories, and some fuel depots. The gather at the Arc de Triomphe, chanting “Macron Resign” and writing graffiti on the Arch itself: “The yellow vests will triumph.”

Macron held a news conference in Buenos Aires where he said that there was no cause justified the looting of stores, attacking the security forces, or torching of property. Macron totally fails to comprehend that the violence is building frustration that historically is necessary to mature into a revolution. This is not a political movement. This is economically driven. The police said that violent far-right and far-left groups had infiltrated the yellow vests movement in a desperate effort to call them extremists. These protests began as a backlash against Macron’s fuel tax hikes, but have tapped into a growing resentment that all people get are higher taxes and lower standards of living.

While the protests appear to have caught Macron off-guard despite the fact that his poll rating is now down to 20%, like François Hollande, Macron is unrepenting and unyielding. He said he would not change his policy because of the protests of “thugs”. This only fuels the angry response that he is also out of touch with ordinary people, particularly in rural villages and the provincial hinterlands. There were people with signs reading “Macron, stop treating us like idiots!” Macron is inspiring real hatred as did Hillary Clinton when she called 50% of the country who voted for Trump the “deplorables!”

Macron may call them “thugs” but the “Yellow Vests” have widespread public support, even in cities. The vast majority of French people were fed up with Macron. You can see the anger is escalating more and more throughout France, according to my sources there, and Macron is as unyielding as was Hollande. Some say that Macron had written a book called Revolution. He obviously failed to understand what really makes a revolution – TAXES

for What Reason other than War?

The Australian MP Michael Danby (outgoing) is to table the “Australian Magnitski Act” which is very strange. Things like this always seem to be presented by people who later do not stand for election. Nothing other than Browder’s narrative has considered. There appears to be an agenda here and it is building to what looks like a much needed war in order to relieve governments of the failure of Socialistic promises. Nobody seems willing to even look at the allegation of Browder for there was no way Putin would have killed Magnitsky when he would have been the BEST witness Putin would have had against the Western bankers.
On his Facebook page, Danby claims Australia needs a Magnitsky Act. That’s why I’ll be introducing a Private Member’s Bill on Monday to ensure it happens

Yellow Vest Riots in France Continue – President Emmanuel Macron Under Siege…

The protests, turned riots, are named ‘Yellow Vest’ after the high-vis jackets that are required in all French automobiles.  The protestors wear the vests amid their fury over rising fuel prices;  However, the protests have now evolved into a direct confrontation to the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

According to media reports over 5,000 police were deployed as angry protestors began breaking stuff, smashing store windows and battling with government riot squads.

Despite the show of force by police the crowd overwhelmed their positions and set up barricades to block any effort by the French government to break up their protests.  Check points along the Champs Eleysees and Arc de Triomphe were taken over by the scale of the crowd.   However, it’s not just Paris – disruptive protests are happening throughout France.

Katie Hopkins


Macron. En Marche? No, son. No one is listening to you. Not the Saudis. Not the French. Not Trump.

Voice of Europe 🌐 @V_of_Europe

The yellow jacket protests in France were massive and mostly peaceful.

Sources say the jackets were also used ‘as camouflage’ by violent groups (to riot).

Nigel Farage Discusses PM Theresa May’s Disappointing Brexit Deal…

British Members of Parliament will vote on Theresa May’s sketchy Brexit deal on Tuesday 11th of December. The U.K. House of Commons is set to debate the pact for five days. More than 100 members of parliament have indicated they could vote against the deal.

Nigel Farage appears on Fox News to discuss the deal that Theresa May has constructed.

Russia Opens Fire and Seizes Three Ukrainian Vessels…

The Ukraine/Crimea/Russia crisis flares up again today as Russia blockaded the Sea of Azov then fired upon three Ukrainian naval ships who attempted passage Sunday.  After wounding several sailors, the Russians then seized the three boats; igniting another crisis between the two countries and initiating an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting tomorrow.

The EU and NATO alliance will likely call for U.S. assisted military intervention of some sort.  The structure of the Ukrainian government is full of western intelligence assets; and once again we can expect the professionally republican and professionally democrat to unite in common cause and demand we go to war….

Russian jet fighters fly over a bridge connecting the Russian mainland with the Crimean Peninsula with a cargo ship beneath it after three Ukrainian navy vessels was stopped by Russia from entering the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait in the Black Sea, Crimea November 25, 2018. REUTERS/Pavlishak Alexey

(Reuters) Russia’s FSB security service said early on Monday its border patrol boats had seized the Ukrainian naval vessels in the Black Sea and used weapons to force them to stop, Russian news agencies reported.

The FSB said it had been forced to act because the ships – two small Ukrainian armored artillery vessels and a tug boat – had illegally entered its territorial waters, attempted illegal actions, and ignored warnings to stop while maneuvering dangerously.

“Weapons were used with the aim of forcibly stopping the Ukrainian warships,” the FSB said in a statement circulated to Russian state media.

“As a result, all three Ukrainian naval vessels were seized in the Russian Federation’s territorial waters in the Black Sea.”

The FSB said three Ukrainian sailors were wounded in the incident and were getting medical care. Their lives were not in danger, it said.

[…]  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met his top military and security chiefs. Poroshenko said he would propose that parliament impose martial law.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and then built a giant road bridge linking it to southern Russia that straddles the Kerch Strait – a narrow stretch of water that links the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov, which is home to two of Ukraine’s most important ports.

Russia’s control of Crimea, where its Black Sea Fleet is based, and of the bridge mean it is able to control shipping flows.

The crisis began on Sunday after Russia stopped the three Ukrainian ships from entering the Sea of Azov by placing a cargo ship beneath the bridge. (Read More)

Nikki Haley

Nolan Peterson @nolanwpetersonThis is the most dangerous moment I’ve seen in Ukraine in years.Tonight, a war that many people in America can only imagine thanks to Hollywood movies, teeters on the razor thin edge of becoming real.Tonight in Ukraine we go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Victoria Australia Elections Overthrow the Conservatives in Surprise Election Result


The Trump Revolution is unfolding everywhere. It is NOT a philosophy left or right – it is just drain-the-swamp and throw out whoever is in power. The Labor government in the Australian state of Victoria won an unexpectedly large majority in an election. We will also see this manifest into the national elections warning that Australia’s ruling conservative government will be in trouble in six months. Victoria is Australia’s second most populous state, and the poll is seen as a warning of voter sentiment towards the nation’s conservative Liberal and National government.

80,000 Protesters in Paris on the Champs Elysees

The protests in France over rising fuel costs and a general discontent with President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies as the Euro declines resulted in them setting things on fire and police firing tear gas into the crowds. The police were also firing tear water cannons clashed with protesters in addition to tear gas. The protesters set a trailer on fire which exploded on the Champs Elysees. The protesters even attempted to attack the fire fighters. We are looking at the upcoming elections in France are going to be very dramatic