Oh My – Canadian Foreign Minister Left NAFTA Negotiations To Attend “President Trump is a Tyrant” Conference…

Jumpin’ ju-ju bones.  Hat Tip to Ezra Levant on Twitter – This is going to go down in the history books of bad diplomacy.  You have to watch the first 2 minutes of this video.  Canadian Foreign Minister took leave during the middle of critically important trade negotiations with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to attend a Women in the World conference in Toronto.

Check out the conference introduction video (first 01:30) “Taking on the Tyrant”, and the visual of Canadian trade negotiator on stage to deliver her remarks (next 30 seconds).  Consider that Ms. Freeland made this decision during the most critical trade negotiations in her country’s modern history.  The outcome of the U.S-Canada trade negotiation will determine the next several decades within the Canadian economy.  Now Watch:


Think about the level of ideological tone-deafness here. This is simply off-the-charts echo-chamber crazy. Canada needs a positive trade outcome; their economy is already on the ropes; and Freeland considers this a good idea?  Unreal.

Ezra Levant 🍁


Holy sh*t.@cafreeland left NAFTA negotiations to speak on a panel called “Taking on the Tyrant”.
Who do you think “the tyrant” was?

Look at the video intro to that panel. And then look at Freeland’s jubilation.

I guess it’s auto tariffs after all.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDKDSqPuODk 

Now we have IREXIT forming in Ireland

There is a new Irish political party emerging in the Republic of Ireland to promote leave the EU, which was inspired by the successful Brexit movement. Theresa May has really messed up the entire BREXIT movement and at the same time, this has exposed Europe for what it really is – a power and money grab that has been resentful of the British probably from inception since without Britain, Europe would be speaking French when they stopped Napoleon and the German when they stopped Germany. Without Britain, Europe might not exist as it does today. Then add the Irish who saved civilization for the barbarians burned everything in Europe creating really the Dark Ages and it was the Irish monasteries who saved the old knowledge along with the Arabs.

So now we have IREXIT Freedom party, which has launched in Dublin who want wants Ireland to “take back control” from Brussels. The party plans to run candidates in next year’s European Parliament elections and the 2021 Irish general election. Meanwhile, the European Union is in “mortal danger” warns the budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger and has stated that member states are not complying with EU budget directives. He warned Ital will suffer huge penalties if it does not comply. In reality, we are looking at the occupation of Europe by the EU which conquered the continent with an idea rather than troops and guns as was the approach of Napoleon and Hitler.

Canada’s Conservative Split Forming a New Party

Maxime Bernier PC MP is a Canadian businessman, lawyer, and politician, who is currently serving as Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Beauce, having been elected four times with a majority of the vote. He has pointed out that it is always the ordinary taxpayers who ultimately have to pay for all these benefits promised by the government. He has argued that the Conservative Party is not doing enough and that it’s just not worth it. He has characterized that people are voting for Trudeau with “rational ignorance” that will lead the nation into disaster. The Globe and Mail reported that 17% of Canadians said they were open to voting for a new conservative party led by Maxime Bernier. Politics is fragmenting everywhere and some see Bernier as Canada’s semi-version of Trump, although he has been a longstanding politician

Pattern Repeats – Political Imprisonment followed by Leadership

I really do not think people realize that they are just extras in a political film which is an endless struggle for freedom. There is a book written by Oriana Fallaci which began as an interview of Allesandro Panagoulis. Oriana was a journalist who was interviewing fourteen contemporary political leaders, which included Henry Kissinger, Meir, Arafat, Indira Gandhi, and the Shah of Iran. She sought to understand their personal attitudes and propensities that brought them to such status. She called this an Interview with History.

In the course of her investigations, she wrote A Man about Allesandro Panagoulis who stood up against the dictatorship and oppression of the Greek people. He was imprisoned and tortured for years. Most were stunned that he even survived this treatment. Like Nelson Mandella, the same pattern of imprisonment was followed by the fall of the government and a rebirth back to democracy. Panagoulis took an active role in the fight against the Regime of the Colonels (1967–1974) in Greece. He became famous for his attempt to assassinate dictator Georgios Papadopoulos on August 13th, 1968, and the subsequent endless torture. However, following the collapse of the dictatorship government, democracy was reborn. This is when Panagoulis was elected to the Greek parliament as a member of the Center Union.

Panagoulis discovered that the very people who had tortured him were then pretending to be democrats. Allesandro systematically began to investigate the corruption in the police and the political government. Just two days before all the files of the junta’s military police (the “E.A.T.-E.S.A. file”) he announced would be released, he was assassinated.  One of the methods to assassinate a leader so he is not made into a hero is to create what appears to always be an accident. On the 1st of May 1976, a car accident was staged on Vouliagmenis Avenue in Athens. A car drove extremely fast and directed its path to impact Panagoulis. Without a choice and counting on a human reflex, Panagoulis’ car and forced to divert and crash in which he was said to have been killed almost instantaneously. The files never materialized to support the collaboration of corruption of the police in league with Greek officers who worked with Nazi Germany in World War II. These men who killed Greeks served in the Security Battalions who fought for the Germans in 1943-1944. These very people were those who were the leaders of the Colonels’ Regime of 1967-1974 and were torturing Panagoulis. There are no such coincidences in these types of affairs.

Swedish Elections Shift to the Right

The Swedish election has shifted to the right thanks to the Refugee Crisis. The Social Democrats came in with the worst result in decades and the right-wing populists have risen to their best results since their inception. Although the Social Democrats escaped a complete disaster in the parliamentary elections, they have lost a lot to the right-wing populists. The party of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven appears to remain in place. Meanwhile, the currency still appears lower as we move forward in time.

France’s Dream of Europe without NATO

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The French have never been real supporters of America and NATO. They have always wanted to be seen as a world power since Charles DeGaul. What is your view on Macron’s answer to Trump’s demand that they pay their fair share of NATO to turn to Russia?


ANSWER: The French President Emmanuel Macron has urged European states to work with Russia and construct new security architecture, in a bid to strengthen defense capabilities within the European Union and thus rely less on America. This is a question of power. NATO exists because of a view that Russia would invade Europe to end capitalism. Those days are gone. Nonetheless, the idea of empire still haunts us to this day. That is the idea in reality behind the European Union to take Europe and recreate the old Roman Empire of one federalized government. Putin may harbor that same view of reestablishing the Russian Empire. However, it is no longer to spread communism. It may take another 50 to 100 years before we end this idea of empire. Macron is still displaying the view that Europe should stand together against America. It has been the Frech who have blocked free trade and trade negotiations because they are the origin of communism where the idea was born and this is reflected in the poor economic performance of France as a whole

Australian Politics – 6 Prime Ministers in 13 years

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
I don’t know if you’ve heard the news but here down under in Australia, the Liberal party has just replaced the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to Scott Morrison. This is the 6th leadership change at the federal level since Kevin Rudd’s 2007 election. Each prime minister seems to only last about 2-2.5 years and never completes their full term. Do you think the invisible hand of cycles is playing a role here? It’s hard to believe this is all just a coincidence. The politics here is just insane, no one cares about the country and each party only cares about the next election. If you include the state level then we have had 66 leadership changes in 13 years!! Insane right?

ANSWER: I fully understand. The Australian government is in crisis and they are only looking at themselves and how to weather the economic storm. This constant change in the leadership reminds me of Rome as it headed into the Great Monetary Crisis of the 3rd century. From the time of Maximinus I (235-238AD) when he declared all wealth belonged to the State (Him), until 268 and the final overthrow of Gallienus in (253-268AD),  there were 26 emperors in 33 years making the average reign just 1.26 years. So actually, you are beating the fall of Rome since your turnover rate is 6 political heads of state in just 11 years making it 1.83 years for an average reign. You are not there yet.

This is a reflection of the declining state of politics and government on a worldwide scale. We are preparing a special report on politics which will include the upcoming American mid-term election

Brunson – the Alleged Pastor



The Turkish court has rejected the appeal to release Andrew Brunson, who is the alleged US pastor at the center of a dispute between Ankara and Washington. While he has been there for 23 years, his new Church of the Resurrection has existed for less than a year and it had only 25 members. From the photo, it appears that the prayer room consists of about 40 seats. There is no professional pulpit, but drums and a lectern with speakers. Nobody even knows about the financing of the church.

Following the Turkey coup of July 15th, 2016, Brunson was arrested by the Turkish security authorities in October 2016. He was charged with espionage and the attempt to overthrow the Turkish government. According to the newspaper Sözcü , Brunson wrote in an e-mail to a friend five days after the coup: “The Turkish people have not taken sides as usual for the Turkish military. Everything is going badly, but in the end, we will be the winners. “ This one of the statements of Brunson that forms the charges in his indictment.

According to the indictment, Brunson also met with the head of the Gülen movement for the Aegean, Bekir Baz, on several occasions before the coup. Brunson apparently told the prosecutor that he did not know a person named Bekir Baz and had never met a member of the Gülen movement knowingly. He has also been charged with being involved with members of the PKK. Brunson also denies trying to help Syrian refugees.

The indictment against Brunson also alleged that Brunson was kicked out of the Church of the New Birth between 2008 and 2009 because it did not support terror. He then went abroad for about one and a half months. Brunson then returned to Turkey, and he opened a new church in Alsancak in Bornova Street. 

Trump demands Brunson back and Erdogan refuses. The question remains if Trump even does know the real story of Brunson and in fact does anyone? It some seem obsessive that Erdogan just does not deport him, send him back to the states, and deny him any right to return. That would end the upfront issue and then the real build-up of tension might pass and relieve Turkey as a nation.

The Crisis is Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is finding his dreams of an all-powerful resurrection of the Ottoman Empire are falling apart. Qatar has come to the aid of Turkey offering $15 billion in a loan, but keep in mind that the entire issue with Syria began with Qatar proposing a pipeline through Syria to compete with natural gas with Russia. Therefore, it is in Qatar’s best interest to keep Turkey trying to invade Syria. The price will be the pipeline, which we seriously doubt will ever take place.

Erdogan has sent the Turkish economy into a downward spiral for some time. Its soaring inflation has exceeded 100% and rising debt-to-GDP of about 70% under President Recep Erdogan’s regime has been a growing problem. As central banks pumped money into the system over the past decade, nations like Turkey and other emerging market economies used the opportunity to raise more and more “cheap” debt to boost their productivity. Turkey has attracted capital from Europe seeking higher yields because of the negative interest rates policy of the ECB. Now we have a crisis in Turkey that is also the result of Draghi’s Quantitative Easing that drove capital to Turkey and FAILED to revived the European economy.

Erdogan’s dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire is no joke. It has been European money seeking higher yield that kept him in power. It is curious how those who seek dictatorial power are the ones who dream of restoring the power of empires long since dead. Erdogan has wanted to recreate the Ottoman Empire just as the dream of the reestablishment of the old Roman Empire as was the desire behind Napoleon and Hitler. The days of Empire Building are long gone and Erdogan has been living in the past. His goal was to expand his country’s military operations in Syria and this, he hoped, would be the first step as with Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

Nevertheless, the Turkish lira collapse and the expensive dollar have been conspiring against him reflecting his disastrous management of the economy and the collapse in confidence among the Turkish people. There remain serious questions about elections in Turkey being rigged to keep him in power. Therefore, on the one hand, Erdogan is attracted to dealing with Russia who is on the opposite side of the game board with Qatar. Erdogan has the free markets moving against him and he is more likely to turn to Russia than the West to retain personal power and the free markets show what most likely the real sentiment of the Turkish people was for the fake elections. Consequently, Erdogan turned to Qatar because he was desperate for money to retain personal power. If he loses the support of his military, then they will side with the people and Erdogan’s head may end up on a spike. Qatar will discover they are dealing with someone who will not be loyal to them either. Yet, the financial markets are working against Erdogan and as the crisis continues to evolve in the months ahead as $15 billion will not reverse the crisis, Turkey can hardly afford military adventures. Erdogan will be more likely to turn to Russia when he cannot retain power otherwise. He can blame the USA all he wants publicly, but the free markets are conspiring against him and that includes his own people.

Many European institutions rushed into Turkey and bought their bonds at 20%. Many Spanish banks had capital was invested in Turkish bonds to get the higher yield to the tune of on average 20%+. Based on the phone calls, there are way too many institutions who invested into Turkey. They simply assumed that NO government defaults because the powers that be will always bail out the bondholders. This time the IMF is really powerless. They can make some noise and others will say the crisis is subsiding. However, this is just talking. There is nobody who can save Turkey at this point as long as Erdogan remains in power. Qatar will discover that Turkey is a bottomless pit. They will try to now ease the crisis with words because of the extensive foolishness of banks and pension funds who bought Turkey bonds to try to get yield.

The fall in the Turkish lira has also benefited the Syrian Army, which launched an offensive on the last large mercenary fortress in Idlib. Turkey was actually against the offensive because it feared that it would fall to Syria and that is against Erdogan’s dreams of taking more territory. What is not really looked at internationally is the plain fact that Turkey does not have its own arms industry. Erdogan needs arms to be imported and as the lira crisis materialized, his Turkish operation Olive branch and shield of the Euphrates in Syria become rapidly too expensive. Back in January 2018, the Siyasi Haber newspaper reported that an estimated $400 million was being spent on Operation Olive Branch alone. Erdogan has spent over $1 billion so far in his attempt to conquer that region of Syria.

Instead of building his economy and benefiting the people of Turkey, Erdogan has been more interested in resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. It has been his mismanagement of the economy and his hostile attitude even to Greece that is behind the Turkish Lira Crisis. He has lost the confidence of his own people! August has been our target for the crisis and so far the computer has been correct on that score. However, volatility will remain high going into October and then we see it will return as the new year begins. Qatar coming to the rescue should help support the lira for now. Those who are wise had better sell their Turkish bonds and step oy of this trade. August should prove to be only a temporary low for the lira

Romanians Out Again over Government Corruption

Once again, tens of thousands of Romanians have taken to the streets demanding the end of corruption in government. At least 450 people were injured in clashes with the police who are still defending the government against the people. We are looking at a worldwide epidemic of corruption in government that has known no bounds. This is part of the very reason why Trump was able to beat every career politician. But like Erdogan, those in power refuse to ever admit that they are the reason for the political changes.

Unfortunately, in the United States, we not only have the police defending the government, we also have the press like CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times. All they do is try to overthrown Trump instead of looking at the system and WHY he was elected to begin with. They are all supporting the inherent corruption because they like things as they are. What we are witnessing in Romania is also unfolding in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Malaysia, and even in Britain. This is a worldwide political change in trend and we really have to begin to look at the trend and not just the face of Trump