Trump Wallace 2020 Presidential Debate

“I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s okay.”

This is what Trump said to Chris Wallace when he criticized him for not having a plan to replace Obamacare. Wallace also served up many questions helpful to Biden—such as asking Trump why he said there were ‘fine people on both sides in Charlottesville.’ Similar to the debates with Hillary, the setup was against Trump, but he clearly won the debate against both Joe Biden and the moderator. The short answer format was designed for interruptions and we got those in spades. Trump needed to interrupt to assert himself against the Deep State narrative.

Although both candidates interrupted each other throughout the debate, Wallace attempted to silence Trump more than Biden. At times I felt the president shouldn’t interrupt and simply allow Joe to blabber. The more Biden goes on and on, the worse he sounds. Joe particularly can’t handle numbers. His memory remains shot even if he was pumped up on peppy substances for the debate.

Joe’s coaches must have told him to stonewall when it came to difficult questions. Joe DID call troops ‘stupid bastards.’ I saw it on a video. Yet Biden stated, “I did not say that.” He also said his son’s windfall deals with China and Ukraine weren’t true. Joe was right about his son Hunter not being dishonorably discharged for his cocaine use in the Navy, but Hunter did receive a less than honorable discharge. Biden DID help his son during his vice presidency. That’s a proven fact that Joe denied. Apparently Joe’s strategy was to lie his way out of any uncomfortable situation. When pressed, he called the president a ‘clown.’ Ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of a debate loser.

Joe’s base includes socialists and progressives, but he denied his support for the Green New Deal or planning to give out universal health care. He said he supports the police, as long as they bring along psychiatrists and sociologists to prevent any violence toward citizens. Feelings are important to Joe. The country must learn to respect hurt feelings in order to change systemic racism. I don’t recall a right to not getting one’s feelings hurt in our Constitution.

Joe also claimed he was the voice of the Democrat Party. Trump retorted, “Not according to Kamala.”  Trump had the superior improvised zingers. He helped separate Joe from his leftist base. Without them, he has nothing but Deep State backing. In other words, Biden can do nothing but harm himself in further debates. That’s why we many not see another one.

Joe is better off staying in his basement.

—Ben Garrison

President Trump Wins 1st Debate In Splenetic, Self-Indulgent Fashion

Biden’s Response Overcame Collapse by Drugs & Hidden Earpiece

Kelly OConnell image

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Trump Wins on Points
Any fair-minded person at the Trump-Biden 1st Debate walked away with several strong impressions. First, Trump won on depth of his answers, despite his constant interrupting. Second, Joe gained the “Overachiever’s Award” by failing to collapse, babble blindly, or ask “Where’s my teleprompter, Man?!!” Unfortunately, just participating isn’t enough.

Keep prodding Joe’s tender psyche with jabs, knowing Biden will blunder into a knockdown comment

Trump Underestimates Joe
Trump missed a giant chance to land a grievous body-blow. Why? Probably he underestimated Joe’s preparation, ear phone assistance and drug regimen, believing if he rattled Biden early, he’d drop like a sack of shallots.

Bilious Biden
Instead, Biden landed a few blows himself on irritated Trump, but was mostly vague and unfocused.  Slumberin’ Joe’s best line? “Would you shut up, man?” So this debate merely underscored their reputations: Trump – an undisciplined communicator who can’t shine for self-indulgence. Biden – as a vapid politician, past his prime, staggering towards the finish line – even if by wheelbarrow.

How Trump Improves
Can Trump improve his next performance? Yes. 1. Stop looking for the walk-off home-run. Instead, like a cagey boxer, keep prodding Joe’s tender psyche with jabs, knowing Biden will blunder into a knockdown comment. 2. Bolster claims with facts. On voter fraud, cite Illhan Omar’s ballot harvesting. 3. Focus on Joe’s weakest topics – like Obama’s Defense Sect. Gates saying Joe’s “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Trump must work on timing. Talking over others is contrary to being understood. Instead, DJT should await an opening to make a pithy, pinpoint comment. A calmer demeanor is more likely to catch Joe off guard, and the audience could better hear and approve. Trump must note that few comments will be remembered after such an event. So a brief and witty retort clearly heard by all is the ne plus ultra and must be carefully evoked by a masterful setup. Brevity is the soul of wit.

Bamboozling Biden is a weak candidate and can be beaten like a rented mule if Trump simply stays the course. America’s future rides on this outcome

Joe began to collapse the last third of debate, slurring words and stuttering. Was he using a powerful chemical whose effects began to diminish? Further, Joe occasionally appeared distracted, muttered to himself, staring into the crowd for spells, then suddenly turning, transfixed by a thought. Was he getting guidance from a hidden earpiece? Too bad there wasn’t drug testing or inspection of Joe’s ears.

Donald Can Persevere
Trump can do much better, but he must plan and prepare. Joe’s an old survivor in clear decline. Donald must remember how much is riding upon this race. Set aside mere bravado and the lucky punch approach. Get ready for a 2-hour game of cat-and-mouse which will end in triumph if Trump merely brings his A-Game and sticks to his strategy. Bamboozling Biden is a weak candidate and can be beaten like a rented mule if Trump simply stays the course. America’s future rides on this outcome.


Forget Science – subscribe to Nihilism instead – NOT REALLY!

By education, I mean a system of teaching a broad curriculum with the basics of the major fields of knowledge, from history to modern technologies that also fosters critical thinking and curiosity

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As it appears, simply destroying statues of explorers, statesmen, or other notables from centuries past no longer satisfies the current lust for mayhem of the “forward-looking progressive minds.”

Now, even park benches in memory of entirely non-political scholars of the past are deemed to be inappropriate to sensitive woke minds. One example is a park bench, dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest biologists/naturalists of the distant past, namely Carl von Linné (1707-1778).

Homo sapiens

Poor Carl, a simple park bench—with his name mentioned on the back—may become another victim of the modern Zeitgeist. You may wonder, what exactly was Carl’s claim to his (current) infamy? He created the term “Homo sapiens”—what a crime!

This Latin term simply means something like “wise human.” You might think of that as being good, or normal, or even as “modern.” As it appears, the local political powers in Oslo, Norway, have concluded otherwise. It could be interpreted as an affront to less modern or wise inhabitants. And that, as you, my Dear Readers will recognize instantly—and indubitably, I presume—as a great faux pas!

It’s perfectly OK to use modern instant communication facilities to chat with your like-minded nihilists,  but anyone that may have labored hard in past centuries to build the knowledge base that such facilities relies on are to be damned and forgotten.

Most likely it’s of little consolation to Linné and other scholars of the past, like philosopher David Hume (1711-1776), and explorers, cartographers, politicians and other notables of former times that they are similarly being degraded now. Without their attention to detail and perseverance against many obstacles to their work and dedication, our world would not be where it’s at now.

In fact, none of the modern engines that power the world and none of the many other conveniences would ever have come into existence. What the “Snowflakes” would do without instant access to the latest social media info, news and videos from far corners of the Earth (or even the Universe) on their “smart phones —I wonder.

Affordable Energy & Food—when it’s needed

However, there’s another dimension to modern accomplishments besides gadgets and living conditions in general. That’s the availability of on-demand energy and nourishments at an affordable cost.

Ever since Homo sapiens learned to behold the heat of fire, life improved. Gathering the fruits from the environment gave way to developing weapons like the atlatl, bow and arrow, and gunpowder that led to the rise of towns and cities as are now found across the entire world. Having access to abundant energy allowed more time for more productive work not just a continuous struggle for survival. It enabled more efficient planting and harvesting of agricultural products with increased yields, thus more people to get fed better.

That elevated productivity also encouraged curious minds to observe the results of experiments and invent all kinds of new insights and systems that propelled each other further “up the hill.” Of course, making any of such ideas widely known was a critical point of inflection. It came with the invention of the printing press by J. Gutenberg (1400-1468).

That ushered in a period of extraordinary development in any field of exploration. This period became known as the Renaissance. The discovery of the Americas by C. Columbus (1451-1506) was just the beginning of this long journey of discovery.

Really, there are too many milestones and important inventions to list them here. Just let me mention a few: namely the steam engine (J Watt, 1736-1819) and others, often expanding on past knowledge, like the internal combustion engine (N. Otto, 1832-1891), the (safe to handle) explosive compound dynamite (A. Nobel, 1833-1896), the recognition of antimicrobial lotions (Paracelsus, 1493-1541), and many other (at the time) revolutionary insights and discoveries.

From the Renaissance to Nihilism

The human race certainly went on a binge of innovations, ever since. But times are a’ changing—not necessarily for the better.

Now, I think, we seem to enter a retro-period. The signs are all around. As it appears, some of the aforementioned inventions are about to be heaved onto history’s scrap heap, lock, stock and barrel. This is a kind of nihilism, change for change’s sake.

For example, the “carbon-fuel” based internal combustion engines (ICEs) are ordered to become obsolete in the not too distant future. As reported, the California Governor, G.Newsom, just signed an executive order that aims to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine cars in the state by 2035. Just so, by the wisdom of the state.

The order did not specify what was supposed to take the ICEs place. Presumably the idea is to replace them with (battery-powered) electric vehicles. Or, perhaps the new European “grand idea” of hydrogen-fueled cars or “hybrids” of some sort.

Believe me, the world’s energy demand is much greater than what could be created from wind, solar, or biomass (wood- or agricultural products-burning) systems and certainly not without obliterating much of the world’s forest and food producing areas. The path forward is not IN returning to the past. It is to wisely use the accumulated wisdom OF the past to decide on where to go in the future.

The Future is in Education

By education, I mean a system of teaching a broad curriculum with the basics of the major fields of knowledge, from history to modern technologies that also fosters critical thinking and curiosity.

It’s vital to the ”survival of the fittest.”

Patriotism is dropping like a rock on one side of the aisle

Gallup found that less than a third of Democrats are proud of their country

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A special event occurred on April 10 at the Alhambra Dinner Theater in Jacksonville, Florida. Performed by African American orator and combat veteran Evangelo “Vann” Morris, the Old Glory Presentation is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the love service members have for the nation they protect and defend. Imagine for a moment that Old Glory has a personality. Here is its message, here is its song:

Once revered by nearly all Americans, Old Glory is now scorned, burned and spit on by a disgruntled class of citizens known collectively as progressives, the majority of whom belong to the Democratic Party.

The number of Democrats who love their country has plummeted

According to a July 2018 Gallup survey, less than a third of Democrats are extremely proud of their country. Less than a third, and trending sharply downward. If a survey was taken today, the percentage of Democrats who love their country would likely be fast approaching single digits. Sad to say, and with little room for doubt, patriotism has come to reside almost exclusively in the Republican Party.

Democrats as a whole have clearly soured on the place Lincoln referred to as the last best hope of mankind, the only nation that ever went to war with itself to end the scourge of slavery. Through their party’s identity politics election strategy, Democrats seek to convince members of each “victim” group that their country is an incurably flawed society that has it in for them. In no group has that strategy worked to better effect than the African American community.

Despite all that’s been done to right the wrongs once committed against an oppressed minority of its own citizens, America is now being relentlessly vilified by Democrats as an evil, systemically racist society that must be overturned and replaced by a system that’s “fair to all.“

The choice you make on Nov. 3 will determine the kind of country your living legacies will inherit

So, what “fair to all” system do Democrats have in mind? The answer is found in another national poll. According to a 2019 survey by Public Opinion Strategies, an astounding 77% of today’s Democrats have fallen under the spell of socialism. In other words, a solid majority of Democrats believe America would be a better place if its two-party representative democracy is dismantled and replaced with single-party socialist/Marxist rule.

When undecided voters choose which presidential candidate to support on November 3, here’s something they might want to keep in mind. Throughout history, wherever socialism has taken hold it has never created a single free and prosperous society, but has destroyed many. The reason for its unbroken trail of destruction is easily understood.

Despite the lies that prop it up, socialism is in eternal mortal conflict with the basic human instinct that those who work hard, educate themselves, employ their ingenuity and risk their capital have an inborn expectation to do significantly better than those who don’t. That is an immutable human condition that will never change.

How you vote matters.

Black Cities Matter: Candidate Kim Klacik Schools Democrats (and G.O.P.) in Best Ad Ever

Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik schools the GOP in how to do a political message, and she schools Democrats in how to demonstrate that Black lives really matter in Baltimore and other Democrat-run Hell-holes. Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott think this may be the best political ad ever. Watch both Kim Klacik ads at

Nothing Wrong with the System—Only with Us

Conservatives are principled individuals who will not bend to the intoxicating aspects of being on Capitol Hill

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 29, 2020


I am often asked about what has gone wrong with our system of government. I answer that nothing is wrong with the system—there is something wrong with us.

We have not held ourselves or our elected officials accountable for their actions. We have not confronted them about their promises made and those promises not kept. We have not challenged them when they come home to visit—if they come home—to explain why they campaigned on one platform and then, the moment they get to DC, they immediately cast themselves as swamp creatures. They turn their backs on their constituents and, even if challenged on fundamental issues, give us the Potomac Two Step Shuffle to avoid answering tough, direct questions. More on this very issue in my VA section later in this newsletter.

Why do we not hold our school boards and administrators accountable

Why do we not hold our school boards and administrators accountable, particularly after we see the garbage our children are being taught? Why do we not go to school board meetings and demand that parents be surveyed about what they, the parents, want for their children as this pandemic hypocrisy plays itself out? Why do we not demand what is best for the families as opposed what is best for teacher unions? Why do we not hold board members accountable for their rubber stamping stupid, dangerous rules that put outputs ahead of out-comes for your children? Why? Explain that to me.

Why do we not hold our governors and legislators accountable for the fact that, in Iowa, it continues to be the worst state in which to do business? Why do we not hold those same individuals accountable for not having school choice options where taxpayer dollars follow the child instead of the school district. In Iowa, there needs to be charter schools, online options, homeschooling options and a voucher program. Why are taxpayers, including those who no longer have children in school, not demanding that our elected officials give parents as many options as possible?

Taxpayers need to ask their governors and legislators why tax structures have not been fixed so that states are more attractive to businesses? Why do Iowans stand for the fact that one man and his backers have a near strangle hold over who gets elected and who doesn’t? When are we going to wise up, find our voices and “throw off bad magistrates?” Remember, these jackabouts work for us. We do not work for them.

Conservatives & Conservatism Scare Republicans

I am so tired of having people be nice about things. We have lost civility in our culture, I get that, but the time for being nice to our politicians is over. We hoist these people onto pedestals. Trust me, they do not deserve it. Most are unscrupulous, self-serving and have lost their moral centers. I know, I have been around so many and fitting into the stereotype is consistent across the board. What is most disturbing is not what the Democrats do but what we get out of our Republican side. We know what the Democrats will do. We have their playbook and know their approach inside out. What we don’t expect is what we get out of the Republicans.

The Republicans suck in newbies and those newbies, star-struck with the attention they get, become arrogant and narcissistic. That is why when they come home and you confront them, they get defensive, haughty and condescending. They treat us like petulant children, pat us on the head and ask us to sit in the corner.
They will take care of things, because we don’t have the knowledge, skills or wisdom to worry about these “complicated” issues.

What is really happening is that conservatives and conservatism scare them.

Conservatives are principled individuals who will not bend to the intoxicating aspects of being on Capitol Hill, regardless of where that is.


Parliamentary advisor to the German Bundestag Has Come Out Warn the People

Warnung an die Bevölkerung
Anonym, September 2020
Parlamentarischer Berater des Deutschen Bundestages
Liebe Mitbürgerinnen und Mitbürger,
ich wende mich als Mitarbeiter des Deutschen Bundestages mit der Funktion eines parlamentarischen Beraters an Sie. Durch meine Tätigkeit im Parlament habe ich Kenntnis davon, dass den Menschen in unserem Land wichtige Informationen in Zusammenhang mit der Coronakrise gezielt vorenthalten werden, obwohl diese zur Beurteilung der Situation von entscheidender Bedeutung sind. Ich sehe es, bedingt durch die enorme Tragweite der jüngsten Ereignisse als Pflicht gegenüber meinen Mitbürgern an, diese Dinge öffentlich zu thematisieren.
Vermutlich werden viele diesen Text bereits nach wenigen Zeilen zur Seite legen, weil sie sich eine vorsätzliche Täuschung der Bevölkerung nicht vorstellen können. Ich habe Verständnis dafür, denn auch ich hätte früher eine derartige Vorstellung als “Verschwörungstheorie” abgetan. Doch mittlerweile musste ich, nicht zuletzt durch meine Erlebnisse im Bundestag erkennen, welche Methoden weltweit von Regierungen, Medien und einflussreichen Akteuren der Privatwirtschaft zu unser aller Nachteil angewendet werden und dass die Bevölkerung dem leider zu häufig zu unkritisch begegnet. Ich hoffe dennoch, dass der eine oder andere meine Hinweise zumindest überprüfen wird.
Aufgrund der besorgniserregenden Tatsache, dass kritische Stimmen in Deutschland mittlerweile diffamiert, angegriffen und in ihrer Existenz regelrecht vernichtet werden, bin ich gezwungen, dieses Schreiben anonym zu veröffentlichen. Auch meine Fraktionszugehörigkeit kann ich aus demselben Grund nicht angeben. Diese spielt ohnehin keine Rolle, denn wir müssen in Deutschland dringend wieder lernen, uns “lagerübergreifend” zuzuhören und zu respektieren. Wenn wir nicht bald zu einem solchen Miteinander zurückfinden, wird unsere Gesellschaft endgültig in verfeindete Gruppen zersplittern. Leider hat der Umgang mit Corona bereits jetzt dazu beigetragen, die gesellschaftlichen Gräben weiter zu vertiefen. Insofern ist es für mein Anliegen zielführend, die Angabe meiner Fraktion offenzulassen. Nachweise für meine Tätigkeit im Parlament sind am Ende des Dokuments angefügt.
Sie, liebe Leserin und lieber Leser, sollen nur Folgendes über mich wissen: Ich schreibe diesen Bericht in aufrichtiger Sorge um die Sicherheit, die Freiheit sowie den Wohlstand von uns allen. Diese tragenden Säulen unserer Demokratie sind akut gefährdet, denn die Coronakrise wird von verschiedenen Seiten her instrumentalisiert und unsere berechtigten Sorgen wegen des Coronavirus werden für fremde Ziele missbraucht und ausgenutzt.
Ich muss an dieser Stelle betonen, dass ich die Gesundheitsrisiken in Zusammenhang mit dem Virus nicht verharmlosen will. Corona kann insbesondere für ältere sowie vorerkrankte Menschen eine ernste Gefahr sein, dieser Fakt ist unbestritten. Gleichzeitig muss ich jedoch feststellen, dass verschiedene Akteure mit verzerrender Berichterstattung und aus dem Zusammenhang gerissenen Horrorbildern systematisch Angst in der Bevölkerung verbreiten und damit ein Bild der Pandemie zeichnen, dass nicht der Realität entspricht. Ziel dieser Kräfte aus Politik, Weltwirtschaft und Medien ist es, von weitreichenden politischen und wirtschaftlichen Veränderungen abzulenken, die im Hintergrund der Krise ablaufen und für die Corona “wie gerufen” kommt.
Weiterhin sollen die Menschen in ihrer Angst vor dem Virus Maßnahmen und dauerhafte Einschränkungen akzeptieren, die angesichts der Situation in keiner Weise gerechtfertigt sind und die gegen die Interessen der Bevölkerung verstoßen. Vieles davon ist mit öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen nachvollziehbar, die eigentlichen Ziele der Maßnahmen werden den Bürgern dabei jedoch verschwiegen. Über diese Hintergründe möchte ich Sie mit meinem Bericht informieren und ich lade Sie herzlich ein, meine Ausführungen zu überprüfen, noch bevor Ihnen diese Möglichkeit durch breite Zensur dauerhaft genommen wird.
Das Weltwirtschaftsforum WEF (a2) als Sprachrohr der einflussreichsten internationalen Konzerne und Großbanken instrumentalisiert die Krise, um eine lange vorbereitete Agenda zur Neuordnung der gesamten Weltwirtschaft umzusetzen (1). Dieser “Great Reset” wird uns dabei als Wandel der Globalisierung hin zu einer nachhaltigen Wirtschaft verkauft, doch handelt es sich hierbei um eine Täuschung. Tatsächlich wollen die Akteure des WEF damit eine weitestgehende Zentralisierung der politischen Macht in überstaatlichen Institutionen wie der UN, EU und dem IWF erreichen, sowie völlig neuartige, supranationale Organe schaffen. Über diese Organisationen wollen sie die demokratische Kontrolle der Weltwirtschaft und -politik durch gewählte Parlamente dauerhaft aushebeln, weil sich aus ihrer Sicht bislang zu viele Nationalstaaten den Privatisierungsorgien der Konzerne und der Finanzspekulanten nicht beugen wollen.
Darüber hinaus will man den Mittelstand endgültig verdrängen und die freiwerdenden Markt


Warning to the population
Anonymous, September 2020
Parliamentary advisor to the German Bundestag
Dear fellow citizens,
I am addressing you as an employee of the German Bundestag with the function of a parliamentary advisor. Through my work in Parliament, I am aware that important information in connection with the corona crisis is being withheld from people in our country, although this is of crucial importance for assessing the situation. Due to the enormous scope of recent events, I see it as my duty to my fellow citizens to publicly discuss these things.
Presumably, many will put this text aside after just a few lines, because they cannot imagine deliberately deceiving the population. I understand that, because I would have earlier dismissed such an idea as a “conspiracy theory”. But in the meantime, not least through my experiences in the Bundestag, I have had to recognize which methods are being used by governments, media and influential actors in the private sector around the world to the detriment of all of us and that unfortunately the population is too often too uncritical about this. I still hope that one or the other will at least check my hints.
Due to the worrying fact that critical voices in Germany are meanwhile being defamed, attacked and literally destroyed in their existence, I am forced to publish this letter anonymously. For the same reason, I cannot state my group membership. This does not play a role anyway, because we in Germany urgently need to learn again to listen to and respect each other “across camps”. If we don’t soon find our way back to such a togetherness, our society will finally split up into hostile groups. Unfortunately, dealing with Corona has already contributed to deepening the social rifts. In this respect, it is expedient for my concern to leave the information given by my group open. Evidence of my work in Parliament is attached at the end of the document.
You, dear reader, should only know the following about me: I am writing this report with sincere concern for the security, freedom and prosperity of all of us. These supporting pillars of our democracy are acutely endangered because the corona crisis is being instrumentalized from various sides and our legitimate concerns about the corona virus are being misused and exploited for foreign goals.
I have to emphasize at this point that I do not want to play down the health risks associated with the virus. Corona can be a serious danger, especially for older people as well as those with previous illnesses, this fact is undisputed. At the same time, however, I have to state that various actors with distorting reporting and horror images taken out of context are systematically spreading fear in the population and thus painting a picture of the pandemic that does not correspond to reality. The aim of these forces from politics, the global economy and the media is to divert attention from the far-reaching political and economic changes that are taking place in the background of the crisis and for which Corona comes “as called”.
Furthermore, in their fear of the virus, people should accept measures and permanent restrictions that are in no way justified in view of the situation and that go against the interests of the population. Much of this can be traced back to publicly available sources, but the actual goals of the measures are concealed from the public. I would like to inform you about this background with my report and I cordially invite you to review my remarks before this option is permanently denied you by broad censorship.
The World Economic Forum WEF (a2), as the mouthpiece of the most influential international corporations and big banks, is instrumentalizing the crisis in order to implement a long-prepared agenda for the reorganization of the entire world economy (1). This “Great Reset” is sold to us as a change in globalization towards a sustainable economy, but this is a delusion. In fact, the actors of the WEF want to achieve the greatest possible centralization of political power in supranational institutions such as the UN, EU and the IMF, as well as to create completely new, supranational organs. Through these organizations, they want to permanently undermine the democratic control of the world economy and politics by elected parliaments, because from their point of view too many nation states have so far refused to bow to the privatization orgies of corporations and financial speculators.
In addition one wants to displace the middle class and the market that is becoming free

Trump Approves Railroad to Help Alberta

COMMENT:  Trump to approve $22B railway between Alaska and Alberta
Is Trump aiding Alberta’s separation? This is a very big deal for our landlocked oil market!


REPLY: Yes. Trump stands against the Globalists who are seeking power via the United Nations and to end all fossil fuels. His two speeches at Davos and the United Nations threw down the gauntlet against the entire Gates-Soros-Schwab-Gore alliance. This is why this election is so heated, for they are desperate to remove him for their climate change agenda which will put Alberta out of business.

Why Alberta Better Exit Canada & Fast!

COMMENT:  Dear Martin,
I have followed your work for years now I want to thank you for your tireless efforts to provide insightful information, the world needs you and your information more than ever.
I am writing to you because of the concern specific to Alberta, and Canada. If you want an example of a country that is being run by the United Nations look no further than Canada. We have Justin Trudeau that claims he is the First Post Nationalist Leader and that Canada is the First Post-National State.

Basically, he seems to be taking his orders from the un-elected United Nations. Trudeau has given the Finance Minister position to Chrystia Freeland, journalist Reporter turned politician, carrying out the mandate of the World Economic Forum where she is a member of the Board of Trustees along with the United Nations and the WHO.

Every day our media outlets in Canada are getting a constant diet of COVID case tallies, telling us we are all racist and that we are killing the planet with human activities and if you question this narrative you are canceled or shamed. The same ideology outlined the World Economic Forum for Canada under their Strategic Intelligence page.

Any insights you can provide us the direction of Alberta would be greatly appreciated.


ANSWER: Trudeau is about as corrupt as they come. It is curious how the claimed left, who is so concerned about getting the rich back and being fair, is always the most corrupt. It reminds me of that famous line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Trudeau suspended Parliament when it was investigating the ethics controversy where countless millions went to his family of deals. While this is seen as a coverup, there is far more at stake here. Can you imagine if Trump even tried to suspend Congress? The Democrats paint Trump as a tyrant when the real tyrant is north of the border.

Indeed, it was just last year when Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada was becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage” and actually said: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” Trudeau concluded that Canada is “the first post-national state.” Even the New York Times remarked that Trudeau was being very “radical.”

In truth, people who think the United Nations is not really threatening their future better open their eyes. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, was flown into Alberta, Canada, just before the Canadian elections. Who paid for that? Gates, Schwab, World Economic Forum & the United Nations who want to seize control of Canada to cut off oil production. Trudeau is as corrupt as they come. He is selling out Canada to the United Nations and had the audacity to suspend Parliament. That is a dictatorship. His “first post-national state,” means subservient to the United Nations.

The real question is whether Alberta can extricate itself from this madness. I would expect  Trudeau to at least attempt to send in federal troops to suppress and attempt to withdraw. That that is the line that needs to be crossed to save the future of Canada. On July 1, 1867, with the passage of the British North America Act, the Dominion of Canada was officially established as a self-governing entity within the British Empire. A separatist movement may come to a head in 2021 in Canada. The Candian press has laid down all independence, and press conferences held by Trudeau are orchestrated to the point that nobody is allowed to ask any questions without pre-approval. We have a Panic Cycle next year in the C$. There remains the risk of me historic lows against the Greenback.

The Debate

The debate was not very presidential. Trump was too hot and interrupted way too much. Biden did not act very presidential either way too many lies and too many name-callings. Neither Biden nor Trump really provided any clue as to how to deal with COVID. Trump tried to rattle Biden but that worked only marginally.

Biden suddenly abandoned the extreme left saying he does not support the violence or defunding police but said he was the Democratic Party yet then said he is not President so he did not call any Democratic governors to tell them to bring in the national guard.

Of course, we vote for parties, not individuals. That died with the 1800s. So, it really is not about either candidate personally for they are limited in their capacity to actually run the nation as a single individual. It takes Congress to legislate the laws.

Nevertheless, both these individuals revealed how far politics has fallen. I have never heard in any debate someone calling the current head of state a clown. This entire debate was really a disgrace.